Thursday, December 31, 2009


Did you count your blessings for 2009...mine were unmeasurable! Family and friends have I many. I said goodbye to two dear great~aunts that went to live in heaven still a blessing. News of cancer and a radical surgery still a blessing, I still can see and talk with my daddy. A woman in my life who I try to pattern my own life after my Mom she's strong, encouraging, and always has a prayer upon her heart.

Three of the best sisters in the whole world. Yes I admit it I was the big sister who pestered each and every one of them...yet today I received a call from each one with the most encouraging words who could ask for more?

Blessings of two children that are grown and even through the ups and downs of life we have an unconditional love...we talk, we listen, and we respect one another.

The blessing of a grandchild who brings the most wonderful joy into our lives. He's a gift sent straight from heaven.

A husband that is my very best friend, the person I walk hand in hand with, lean upon, and confide in. We talk through our problems, we share in our joys as well as our sorrows....he's my blessing til death do us part.

My mother and father inlaw are a blessing. They are more than extended family we would do anything for one another. Along with extended family is the many nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even grandparents that have passed away....all a blessing for we each have touched one another's life in some way.

Blessings of dear friends some silver some gold. Blessings of just a smile from a stranger, an encouraging word from a pastor, food upon our table, the warmth of a home on a cold, winter night.

My blessings are unmeasurable. Our lives and how we live them has an effect on so many others. So with the end of 2009 I look forward to the many blessings of 2010. Oh I know there will be tears of joy intermixed with tears of sorrow yet I still will count my blessings!

Happy New Year and Happy Trails.....Ginger

Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Days

It's been a cold one here on the plains of Oklahoma yet today the sun is shining and slowly the snow is melting although they are predicting more for the next few days.

I finished up the snowman rug I started in November just need to get it steamed, hemmed and bound. I used lots of scraps but it doesn't seem to have made a dent in the overflowing basket. I'm sure there is another rug or two to be found in that evergrowing pile of woolley worms.

Someone enjoyed there real first adventure in the snow!

Little did Mom and Dad know over 47 years ago that their lil' family would grow so big and this is just the grandkids!

The cows out at Dad's place were eager to see him coming with bales of hay!

The farmwork never ends but we do enjoy what we do. Christmas time was a time to remember the birth so long ago and the rewards we can have if we only trust and obey!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blizzard in Oklahoma!

Uncommon words for sure. They say it hasn't been this bad since 1914. The winds are howling at 50 to 60 miles an hour and just about all the interstates are shut down as well as the H.E. Bailey Turnpike. They say the malls are still jam packed though...
Not me I'm home the house is cleaned up and hopefully I can get the cooking done.

The guys are always out and about doing something feeding the cows, working out in the shop, or something that just can't seem to wait!

Christmas with all the family has been rescheduled for Saturday at lunch with the weather being so bad. Multi car pile ups are happening all over the state and I would rather have everyone safe. So tonight I'll be enjoying warm cocoa and find some time to work on my snowman rug.....Let it Snow!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

As I sit here and reflect on Christmas we have much to be thankful for. The blessings of family and friends. Yes like most of you we have our own mountains and valleys we must go through but with each we try to learn from them and build a character that one day will be pleasing to our Lord.

Family and friends are my richest assest here on this earth. I enjoy life even through the trials. The parents God chose for me, the sisters who still fill my life with laughter, a husband that sees me on my good days as well as those that aren't so good and yet is always there no matter what. My children who I adore and a grandson who brings the sunshine into my everyday! Family it's sacred! Friends near and far some I've met, some I've never seen yet they are all so dear.

I think about Mary as she held Jesus in her arms and pondered about this wee lil' one. She held the very son of God in her arms. She was such a young girl with a heart for the Lord. The chosen earthly parents for Jesus. How very blessed Mary and Joseph must have felt.

As the days of December are quickly going I want to wish all of you the Merriest of Christmas' and may you remember just how dear your family and friends are to you and the true meaning of Christmas.

Happy Trails to You Until We Meet Again......Ginger

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Happenings!

December is in full swing and the days are quickly going by. My niece Megan will turn 8 on December 21st but we had a birthday party for her a little early. I don't think she minded on little bit.

We enjoyed pizza and chicken and of course ice cream and cake!

Oh and I found some colored pencils one night and had fun making a few Christmas cards with some of my free doodles! You can find them in some of the previous post.

Now doesn't Jenn look cute as Lady Liberty! She made the costumes for the annual Christmas parade float that our nearby town has. Their float won 1st place out of about 60 entries. Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam were about 12 feet tall on top of the trailer. They did a really good job hanging on!

We have another birthday to celebrate this week our daughter Jenn will turn 25 on December 17th!

Hope your enjoying your December days!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stocking Doodles Just For You!

Here it is already December isn't it funny how quickly we go from the start of a New Year and then poof it's already the end. I must be growing old. I remember as a kid thumbing through the SEARS catalog and wishing and hoping for a long list of toys.

Here is a couple of free lil' doodles to use however you choose. Well got to run one busy lil' boy is keeping me on my toes today!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Need A Little.....

A couple of free doodles just for you drawn by yours truly. Use them however you choose just please give me credit as the designer.

Here it is November 28th, 2009 and throughout the week I was reminded by my sister Sherry with lots of birthday cards the pains of growing older. For the last few years we have gathered cards throughout the year that make us giggle just a bit as we present them to each other. Of course my lil' sisters Jane and Bobbie have to dish out a few!

This coming week it will be time to pack up the Autumn things for another year and time to climb up into the attic to bring down the Christmas decorations. Now if I can get my helper Elf to finish my Christmas shopping and then do my wrapping I'll have it made!

Happy Trails...Ginger

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving
And The Winner Is....

Hope each of you have enjoyed the day with your family and friends. I've found a few minutes so thought I would pull a name out of the hat for the gift card that will be sent to someone for a little extra giving this year. The winner of the gift card is Betty of Primitive Betty's. I'm sure Betty will find someone that can use a lil' extra this holiday season! Be sure to stop over at Betty's blog she is always creating the most wonderful things.

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving week.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time For A Special Giveaway!

Can you believe it's so close to Christmas? This year I'm going to have a giveaway but it's not one you can keep for yourself or your family. I'll be sending out a $25 gift card to you to spend on someone that can use a little help this Christmas. Perhaps it's an elderly person you know who needs some help with a few groceries, maybe a child who is on the Angel tree, or a single parent needing a little help with a gift or two, actually you'll know what to do!

So I ask that you just leave a little comment on this post and I'll draw a name Thanksgiving night. If you don't have a blog be sure and leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Snowman Doodle Just For You and Crafts for Toddlers

No snow here yet but it sure feels cold outside. We finally had to turn on the heater and I'm sure my Mom and Dad have been busy keeping wood in the stove at their house.
Christmas will be here soon and I finally have a dent in my shopping just wish I had it all done and wrapped....

Here's another free lil' doodle I drew up the other night feel free to stitch it up however you choose I just ask that you give me credit as the designer.

I traced around Sloan's lil' hands onto green construction paper. We used 6 hands for each tree. With the help of PaPa we got the glue, silver glitter and a disposable pan to make these cute little trees. Sloan had a really good time shaking on the glitter.

Just add a star and a trunk and you have a perfect Christmas tree made with some special lil' hands!

Horseback rides from his Daddy makes this boy have to hang on tight! Sometimes it's more like bucking bulls. Whoa Cowboy!!!!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wintery Doodles Just For You!

Last night I found myself doodling up a bunch of snowmen that I will be posting throughout the coming days. Feel free to use them for needle punch, rug hooking, embroidery or however you choose just be sure to give me the credit as the designer.

Oh the cold winds are blowing across the plains of Oklahoma today. It makes for a good day to stay home and work on projects. This morning Sloan and I did some chores around the house...yes he's only 2 but he does love to help wash the dishes, run the hand~held vac and help load the dryer. He's such a big helper you just got to make sure he has plenty of chocolate milk and snacks because he works up an appetite.

He found a lil' time to enjoy some snacks while he watched the Disney movie "Aristocats"....he does like his movies!

Hope you are enjoying your start to the week and find yourself smiling today!

Happy Trails...Ginger

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Packing Up and Leaving

Grab a small bag throw in a couple pairs of jeans, a few warm shirts, a jacket, toothbrush, and few more things, fill the truck up with gas and I'm on my way for a few days with Jenn and her mother~in~law and her sister~in~law also named Jennipher and were headed to Branson, Missouri. If you ever have the opportunity to go there and see the Christmas shows or Silver Dollar City once they have decorated for Christmas you will feel like your seeing Christmas through a child's eyes.

Lights everywhere and the sounds and smells of Christmas are in the air! We are just going for the weekend and it's sure to be lots of fun and maybe I'll even find a gift or two while I'm there. They have the best Five and Dime Store with thousands of items.

On the way just outside of Springfield is Lambert's and we always stop there for a meal....they throw homemade rolls so you have to be ready to catch one and as Jenn said they have the best Pineapple Walnut Salad. Wish I had their recipe!

I hope to take lots of pictures and as always I'll miss my family while I'm gone. So today I made sure to give one special lil' boy lots of extra hugs and smooches.

Hope all of you find many wonderful things to do on your weekend!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jolly Happy Soul....

Here it is November and usually by now I've done quite a bit of my Christmas shopping. This year I've fallen behind and I sure need to get busy. I had good intentions started a lil' way back in the summer and that's about it!

I did find some time over the weekend to start a fun hooked rug but have already started making changes as I almost always do. This jolly happy soul was going to have overalls but decided he just needed a little coat, not sure that I will add the stars and am thinking about a border with some wording. Of course tomorrow is another day and I may change my mind again...

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween and the Winner is...

Jane's (Vivian) name was picked by the random generator for the wool applique mat of fall leaves. Jane (Vivian) doesn't have a blog yet but I was surprised to see she is from the same state where I live good ol' OKLAHOMA!

It's sure to be a day filled with lots of treats as I plan to find some time to go enjoy the day with some rug hooking friends and then go over to our daughter and sil's in the evening to enjoy the kids as they come trick or treating.

Wishing each of you a wonderful day with lots of treats coming your way. Now if I can just remember to set those clocks back and change the smoke alarm batteries!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Leaves Wool Mat Giveaway!

I'm having another giveaway. I made this lil' autumn leaves mat out of wool. The leaves are hand~dyed and really add to the look of fall. If you would like to enter just leave a lil' note here on this post giving a short note about what you enjoy about fall days. If you don't have a blog be sure to leave an email address so I can notify you if you win.

I'll draw a winner on Saturday, October 31st....

Autumn days to me are cool, crisp days with leaves falling and the smell of wood burning. Wonderful smells of baking cookies, pumpkin bars, and hot apple cider.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You Would Be Grumpy, Too!

The calves that were born this spring were just a bit on the grumpy side this evening as they were put into the pens and got their shots, ear tags, branded, and for those bull calves banded. The branding part is what I dread the most. My job was to have the shots ready to go and keep the calves loaded into the loading area a few at a time.

Danny and Dan had the hard part doing all the physical labor.

Well I'm glad that's all done once again for awhile.

I put the finishing touches on a needle punch mat this evening and will list it on ebay tomorrow. It's my last one for fall. It's time to begin working on Christmas things. I also will be offering a giveaway beginning on Monday of a wool mat I made so be sure to sign up next week.

Hope everyone is enjoying the days of Autumn as much as I am. The leaves have started turning here. It should be a good time to walk through the woods and start gathering acorns for bowl fillers....hopefully the deer will be willing to share!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Days On Our Lil' Patch Of Heaven!

Do you ever feel like you are going in circles trying to keep up with the everyday chores? If I cleaned up one mess today I cleaned up one hundred then I looked up this evening and noticed tons of dust on the heater vents in the ceiling. Guess I better get those cleaned before the heater comes on and dust goes flying!

Seems like the ol' ticker has decided to act up a bit so it's put a hitch in my giddy up. I made a quick trip this afternoon to the doc and he said with a little extra meds it should take care of the problem. Seems like a pill is always a quick fix. Goodness knows I keep those pharmaceutical companies in the money!

I saw this sign while on our trip and I should of went ahead and purchased it especially for my crafting room.

Yesterday we enjoyed some time outside looking at the mums that are really blooming good and then Sloan and I went fishing. He caught two fish that he proudly announced were SHARKS! He is really getting good at reeling in the line although I'm still in charge of throwing out the line.

Tonight he was quite the character putting on a show before bedtime after a quick bath. He was roaring like a lion for all of us.

Well the rains are coming down again and the temperatures are dropping. It will be good to sleep to the drum of the rain. Tomorrow I'll be back to work to catch up on the bookkeeping. I've been running behind on my monthly giveaway and hopefully by next week I'll have something in the works. I have a few special plans for November and December in the giveaway department so keep tuned!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Good To Be Home!

We made it home late Saturday night and I must say home never looked so good even with a mountain of laundry to do. We had a good time seeing some of the sights. Danny celebrated his birthday while we were gone.

We found a great farmer's market with lots of fruits, vegetables, handmade soaps, and lots of varieties of food being prepared as you wait.

We even saw Sponge Bob.

Universal studios was an interesting place to visit.

It was quite a change for us taking public transportation. When you live in the country your use to having your own car. I must say this is the first time I have actually taken a bus that is with the exception of a schoolbus.

We made it to San Francisco after a very turbulent airplane ride through a storm. While there we saw the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jenn and JJ on our way to Alcatraz.

Pier 39 famous for it's sea lions!

I just had to add this .....Guess if you don't want one giant rat tail you better brush your hair everyday! Boy it's good to be home!!!!

Happy Trails.....Ginger