Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Coming June 2018

Have you ever had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Rebekah L. Smith?  She is such a wonderful lady and does beautiful work.  She will be coming to Prairie Moon Primitives this June, 2018 offering a two day workshop. 
Classes are already filling up...
If your interested just email me at
prairiemoonprimitives at yahoo.com
I have taken several classes from Rebekah and they are so fun!  It's a pleasure to be hosting a workshop here!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Friday, January 26, 2018

Bee Mine Free Doodle

It's going to be February before we know it.  How about a free little doodle to hook, punch, or applique! 
Happy Trails.....Ginger

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Life Around The Farm

It's been quite a while since I posted on this blog....
Life takes it's twists and turns.
Opening up a retreat center and a little store oh who am I kidding I am drifting  right on out of the store door into the big workshop area with wool and patterns!  LOVE having so many wonderful ladies come join us for one day events or 3 to 4 day retreats! 
They think they are blessed in turn I AM THE ONE BLESSED!

So many wonderful ladies attend  from different states or right here in Oklahoma.....there is something about women gathering to do handwork!
WE offer free days of stitching, hooking, quilting, applique, needle punch, rug punch, knitting, crochet.....whatever you want to work on!
Some days we serve lunch and some days they each bring their own lunch!
We have Farm Chick Days, Ruffled Feather Days, and Wool Quilting Group Days....
(I post the dates on FB if your interested just follow my page Prairie Moon Primitives)
My mom and daughter help a lot along with at times my sisters and of course,  Danny is always helping to add more shelves, hang up items, and clean up!
Our daughter Jenn is mom to our two lil' granddaughters....she stays busy helping here and working for Danny, too!  She is speedy and is all about getting things organized!  I am the fly by the seat of your pants gal she is trying to rein me in....good luck Jenn!
Miss Betty is our youngest can you believe she is almost 4!
Unbelieveable we better watch out this kiddo is growing up way too quick....she is our spunky one for sure!  (takes after her mom)
All three grandkiddos are my pride and joy!  They come over a couple of times a week and are more like brother and sisters than cousins.

Sloan is ten.....he will be eleven later this year....I started this blog when he was just a baby!
He plays baseball and is an excellent catcher for his age.  He loves anything ball.  He even has me out playing catch but I will NOT pitch to him anymore....
Eva Mae is almost six and loves to do crafts.  She repurposes things into new crafts as in she will take apart her sisters artwork to make new! OOps!  She does love to draw, paint, and work with beads...she has a little craft area in her room.  She may just turn out to be running this place one day!

Life around here has changed....my dad left this world for his home in heaven last August.  He is celebrating with our Lord and has a body free of pain.  I can't wait to see him again!!  We sure miss him.  Danny lost his Dad in November and what a blessing it will be see him again, too. 
We were able to celebrate one last birthday in July with my dad.  He celebrated 76 years of life on this earth and lots of family and friends blessed us with coming that day.
Christmas 2017 brought a few tears as we reminisced about our dads and what wonderful memories we had growing up!
My mom and sisters are very special to me.   Love abounds and we hold each other up so many times. 

So as we have enjoyed the beginnings of 2018 we hope that you have a Happy, Healthy, and wonderful 2018!
Happy Trails.....Ginger