Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Couldn't Wait!

I just pulled the last loop and now to get it steamed and bound. Plan on having it all finished before the week is up and I know just where I want to put it. It measures 20 x 30 inches.

This was such a fun rug to do. Thanks to Kelley for inspiring us all on this challenge!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Only Four Spaces Left!

We have almost filled all the spaces for Frank Bielec's (yes from Trading Spaces) Oxford Punch Workshop here at the farm. A little of the details are 3 full days of making projects that will be finished and ready to take home as well as lunch and supper included so you can stay and work on your projects as long as you like.

The workshop begins on May 24th and ends the evening of May 26th. If you are interested please just send me an email by clicking on the cows on the right hand side of this blog and I'll get you the details just as quick as I can.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Rug Progress and January Hooking Day

I made a little bit of progress on the challenge rug. The border is done and I'm hoping by the end of next week all the hooking will be done. Reallly liking the look of this rug. Making use of a lot of scrap darks I have for the background and mixing it up.

For this year I have decided to have a once a month hooking day. We had one on Friday and there were 6 of us. We had a good time chatting and working on projects.
You have to watch out for Sandra and Pati you just never know what these gals might be up too!

Sandra has been hand dyeing some wool and come up with some really beautiful pieces. Of course Pati and I couldn't resist buying a few!

It was a really windy day so we set a little closer to the fire. By the afternoon it warmed up despite the wind.

I finished binding a rug then got busy with my oxford punch....working on a few simple projects.

Veronica is also doing an oxford punch piece. Doesn't the colors just pop!

Kay was busy finishing the border on this long runner. Just love the pattern and I think I may have to do one, too!

Laura started the Uncle Sam...a pattern by Pine Island Primitives.

Sandra was working on her Give Ye Thanks... a design by Lori Brechlin. Love the log cabin.
I didn't get a picture of Pati's. She was binding her rug that she made from the LJ Fibers year rug from 2010.

Well, it's been a busy weekend so far. Went and seen my youngest niece play basketball today and then to my nephew's 15th birthday party. In between we are finishing up a few projects around the farm.

Hoping each of you are enjoying your weekend as well.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hooking and Hand Me a Tissue!

Most late evenings I retreat to my lil' room. A place I leave this farmhouse and go around the world on the computer, watch or listen to a little tv, pull lots and lots of loops, paint, stitch, eat cookies and ice cream, pull more loops, visit blogs....well you get the idea. Today I went to town and bought a few groceries and a movie. My sisters have been telling me about the movie COURAGEOUS. Have you seen it?
Well this evening I pulled the hooking frame into the living room, gathered up my worms, hook and scissors and Danny and I watched the movie. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it...get the tissue box your going to need it.

It will clearly make any parent think about how you are raising your children. How you are living your life. What is important today, right now! So as a parent or even if your not....take time out of your busy day, call or go see someone you love. Send someone a real card or hand written letter...just let them know you are thinking of them. Take just a moment and do something for the ones you love. You will be rewarded more than you can imagine.

Well during the movie I did manage to finish hooking up a couple of pieces. I made the little dog from one of Frank Bielec's designs and the rabbit I drew myself. I changed the red flower to yellow to make it show up better.

Tomorrow is another day....I'll be baking a cake and making a couple of big batches of soup. Friends will be coming Friday for a time of crafting fun. The wood is piled by the stove ready to heat the room and the rain has come and gone.

Enjoy your new day!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crayola Watercolors While We Wait....

It doesn't take a lot to entertain a lil' boy! Crayola Watercolor has some really great colors in the 24 pack and it works perfect for a 4 year old as well as his Momo!

Guess what he is painting....look out it's alien and zombie blood. Ewww that's right he's all boy!

Did you know you can turn blobs into flowers?

Just add a little black sharpie pen to the blobs and there you go. I like to make little thank you cards to put in items I ship. Just something a certain little boy and I can do while we wait for his folks to pick him up for the evening.

It has started raining and we can use each and every drop. It's been way too dry for way too long. Well got a group of gals coming over on Friday so better clean up a mess or two!!!!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Wool Dust Has Been Flying!

Hooked, bound, and signed...I hooked them all last week and finished binding them tonight.
They are all small pieces that were simply made from the scrapbasket! Is the scrapbasket empty...hardly even made a dent :)

I have a few ideas for this upcoming week. I've been wanting to do a little dog so that is on the list. Maybe a cat and a bird! How about a flower or two? A house or snowman....the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for all the well wishes...the cold is hanging on but you just keep going :)

Guess I better find a broom and sweep up the dust. Wishing each of you a week packed full of family, friends, and fun.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Antique Inspired Rug

I'm working on a number of rugs. Today I'll share the progress on this antique inspired rug. An American Prim Gathering group is working on this rug as a bit of a challenge. Two days of on and off hooking and this is what I have accomplished.

I've also been whipping on a few small mats....seems it takes me awhile to get that part done.

Sniff...Sniff....been battling a head cold and a sore throat. Very rare I have a cold. Maybe a chocolate chip cookie will help :)

Well back to the binding!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wool and Watercolor

I've been using up a few of the scrapbasket worms. Didn't hardly make a dent in the overflowing basket. Oh well they will be there when I get to them.

I go from one thing to another seems I want to do it all at once. Playing with watercolors again. Might just hook a rug or two with these lil' patterns.

Well I'm off to help haul off some calves to the market with Danny. My mom and dad have 26 of the lil' ones ready to go. Yippeee Ti Yi Ya....get along lil' doggies.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brrr...It's Cold!

Spring temps last week and bone chilling temps today. The winds blowing up to 40 miles an hour makes for one cold day!

Finished up another rug and even got it bound today :)

I'm anxious to get started on another so guess I'll see what will come out of the scrap basket since it seems to be overflowing!

Hope your staying nice and warm wherever you may be.

Happy Trails...Ginger

Monday, January 9, 2012


Did you know that not only are cattle a great source for milk and beef they also can be used in heart surgery! Several years ago I awoke from a 2nd heart surgery to find that they had used cow pericardium(lining of the heart) to repair part of my heart....Now I'm just moooovalus!

I do enjoy the cattle we have out here on the farm. I like watching the momma's with their lil' calves and how the calves play in the fields.

Lately, I have been making smoothies with spinach leaves....I know sounds absolutely gross. But I can't even taste the spinach and spinach is suppose to be really good for you. I have been saving the containers and they are perfect for holding cut wool worms. Great for a take along project.

I am working on the scrapbasket of worms that continue to multiple. I simply hooked these lil' hearts straight into a wool backing. A quick and easy project.

Been working on the "Give Ye Thanks" rug a little.....I have another rug I need to get started as a group challenge. As usual I like to keep several projects going at once.

It's been a bit chilly here and maybe we will get some much needed rain tomorrow! We will take any bit of moisture we can get as we have been in a dry spell for too long.

Have you noticed this has been one crazy post???? This is how my silly brain works...I go from one thing to another constantly. It's as if my mind never slows down.

So with that said...I've gathered up some wool, my hook, and scissors and drew off a simple little rug mat and I'm going tomorrow afternoon for a little hooking time with some friends....I can hardly wait! Hope your week is filled with family, friends, and fun things you love to do.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sure Felt Like Spring Today!

It was a most beautiful day today with temps going into the 60's. So here is how Sloan and I spent the afternoon...hope you enjoy the sunshine! He ran out of steam a few times and yes he does have a growly face at times who doesn't???

We had races, played at the park, I took pics, he took pics, piggy back rides were a must, just another day on one of our adventures...want to come along?

I was worn out he was worn out but alas no nap today! He will be back over in the morning for another adventure wonder what we will do????

Happy Trails....Ginger

Old and New Adventures

Just finished another hooked mat and it's bound...hooray! That is one of my goals this year keep up on the binding :)

Another goal is trying new things...I'm taking a couple of online classes just for fun and it also works into my schedule.

The first one is a Life Journal of 2012...going to try and document 2012 and a few things I did along the way.

This project is a class by Stephanie of Homegrown Hospitality.

Next a class in creating something everyday for 30 days.

It's a class of doodling, painting, sketching, taking photos. and looking for inspiration in what is around you. Here is my lil' doodle and watercolor inspired by Kiwi fruit.
This class is by Alisa Burke...stop by her blog you will be amazed at what she creates and with a new lil' baby girl.

And if that isn't enough new starts....

I have been crocheting since I was just a lil' kid but have decided I want to try knitting so found some good online videos and talked with a lady in a yarn shop about some sites online to check out and look it's not pretty by any means but it's a beginning!

So I encourage you to step out of the comfort zone and give something new a try!

Happy Trails...Ginger