Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Walk In A Park and Just A Few Skyscrapers

Strolling through Central Park.

Some of the trees were just starting to turn.

One of the many statues.

A Game of Chess anyone!

Kids playing at school in a fenced in yard made of asphalt.

Everywhere you look lots of tall buildings.

Filene's Basement....floors and floors of shopping. Didn't buy a thing!

The Garment that's a big needle and button.

Look at all those windows...wouldn't want to do windows on this one.

Everything is big in the Big Apple just look at the size of that plate.

Straight ahead the famous Flatiron building.

Moving right along time for your choice of dessert.....

Anyone need a giant Pez "Elvis"?????

Did a tour on the double decker bus.

And one of the most broken laws of NYC....everybody honks!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodbye City Life.....

Farm Livin' is the life for me....yes I like my land spreadin' out so far and wide!

Well what a trip we had. We spent an entire week in New York City and did we ever see some sights. It's going to take several post to show you some of what we here goes!

From the our quiet country home you rarely hear a siren but in happens every few minutes. Police were every where and I'm not talking 2 or 3 lets just say there were many on each block...walking, riding horses, in cars, on bicycles, motorcycles and the list goes on.

We did a lot of looking up....with all the lights and so much going on you wanted to take it all in.

A portion of Times Square...notice the sign not to remove seating for a where are you gonna stuff a seat especially with all those officers everywhere????

Had to go in the big Toys R Us....just look at that big ferris wheel right as you come in the door.

Someone was wearing a sign on their back advertising a dating service of course Jenn had to have a lil' fun with that.

Next we were off to a party! Lots of stars were there...did you guess where at?

Madame Tussauds....lots of silly fun.

That's me I'm a spice girl :)

Danny and Marilyn

Ohhh wonder what they are thinking!

Your fired!

Well enough said on that.

Let's head on over to the M & M Store....

I totally agree!

Just some of the many cylinders of M & M's to choose from.

I got Sloan his favorite color...yes orange it is!

Went to a street fair....with blocks and blocks and blocks of vendors.

Found some tasty treats.

Then the very last booth....Look a MoMo Hat.

Yes I had to have one.

Well that's enough for now and yet it just scratches the surface of what all we did. I'm anxious to stop by your blogs and catch up with all of you. We have a baby shower and a Fall Church Dinner coming up out here at the farm so the next 2 weeks are sure to be full days in cleaning and cooking.

Hope you enjoyed just a lil' bit of the big apple through the eyes of some country folks.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

*Rug Hooking with Friends*

Danny celebrated another birthday today....actually we went out for a nice meal with Jenn our daughter and her friend Ryan last night since she was teaching a wellness class this evening. Then tonight it was out again with our son Dan and Danny's folks for another wonderful evening.

So A HaPPy Birthday to Danny!!!! He's a wonderful husband, dad, son, brother, and papa and he's not to bad of a boss at work either :)

My lil' guy is off visiting his other grandma so with time on my hands and with it being the monthly gathering of the rug hooking group in Moore, Okla. I loaded up my truck with this snow guy and a few wooly worms and off I went.

There was eight of us today and everyone had a great time visiting.

Carol does fine hooking and doesn't the Santa she is working on look beautiful!

Sandra has been working on an Autumn Rug by Buttermilk Basin.

Kaye finishes a rug or two by each meeting. She also works on needle punch and cross stitch pieces.

Pati brought her pumpkin rug that she has been doing the binding on. She is determined to get it done and soon!

Kaye was working on this needle punch by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Becky a brand new rug hooker made this pumpkin and crow mat. You would never know this is just her 2nd piece to hook!

This big friendly witch rug was made by Kaye and the colors were just perfect together.

Well it was a fun~filled day. I'm missing my lil' guy but sometimes I have to share!
Now about that ol' centipede....I found out some information on it and it has a bite that can cause quite a bit of pain so I don't feel so bad that it is gone as in SQUISHED! Yes, I'm just a bit leary looking around for far so good!

Happy Trails....Ginger