Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye July

July was full of family birthday celebrations and we just had the last one with a fish fry and pool party to celebrate my Dad's 71st birthday. All the grandkids gathered around to help blow out the candle!

My niece Erin got in a little babysitting time with Eva Mae.
Erin will be a senior this year and is planning on going to college to be a veterinarian. She already has a job working at a vet's office and has been getting a lot of experience.

Two of my nieces Megan and Mandy are more like sisters than cousins they are always together!

Sloan is like a fish he loves the water...he is becoming quite the swimmer.

It's all about the splash!

I've been working on quite a few projects in the evenings once the kiddo's go home. I'll have to share my secret with you soon of course there is one gal out there in blogland that already knows! I'm still grinning from ear to ear it's a dream come true :)

Happy Trails....Ginger

Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Summer Days!

It's been a busy summer with keeping kiddo's while their moms and dads work but I'm rewarded with lots of memories and the sweetest hugs, kisses and smiles!

I've been keeping busy in the evenings punching and hooking up some goodies. I added a few to our etsy shop and have several more pieces made for some upcoming craft shows. Pati Jane and I have some exciting news but I'm going to have to keep everyone waiting for just a bit longer before I let the news out! I'm so excited and I think I may be driving everyone around me just a lil' crazy :)

I'm way behind on reading blogs and keeping up with all of you but in a few weeks Sloan will be in school and hopefully then I can do a little blog hopping :) Until then we are enjoying some summer fun with Miss Eva Mae.

Wishing all of you a week of simple joys!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wool Yarn and A Lil' of This and That!

Hand dyed wool yarn works so nice when it comes to needle punch!
It runs smoothly through my punch needle and I just love how it looks. Looks like the tinest hooking but it is punched!

Isn't Miss Eva Mae growing! She is an absolute doll and is full of smiles. I kept her this afternoon while her momma worked. We spent the afternoon walking around the house and talking of going to the zoo one day. It was just me and her this afternoon as Sloan is with his Mom this week. (Missing my lil' grandboy already) She took a week of vacation days and is spending the whole week with him...bet his Dad wishes he was off work, too!

Slowly loops are being pulled on the Bittersweet. Enjoying every minute of the progress. Do you see my "wool tree" in the background?

Isn't it a handy wool holder? I was talking to a lady at rug camp last month and she said she had one stored away and would like to sell it. Didn't take me long to say that I would like to have one.

It looks very simple to make.

Well I do believe I have a little bit of ADD going on in my life. I just can't seem to concentrate on one thing. I pull loops and punch...then can't wait to paint on something....wish I could channel it all into downsizing my stash of crafty stuff but then again I might NEED it!
More needle punches just about done :)

And then.....I started some more! Next on the list is learning how to dye yarn! Any suggestions are gladly appreciated :)

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Bounty of Pumpkins

Finally getting back into the groove of crafting. Oh it really never stops but it doesn't always flow so smoothly! I hop from one thing to another suppose I always will. It works for me and I never get bored :)

Come to think of it I usually want to do it all at once. Might just be why things don't always go so smooth!

I found some wonderful wool yarn that I just absolutely love and made up these little pumpkin pins. Actually I made a whole bunch of them :) Just need to get the pins on the back of them.

Then I grabbed my hook and with some scraps made this little prim rug. I do love working with scraps. Seems I have a never ending supply.

It's a busy month filled with birthdays to celebrate! A sister, niece, my dad, daughter~in~law, son~in~law, and friends.....

It's been a very busy time of year but before you know it these hot summer days will be turning into crisp and cool Autumn days and I can hardly wait :)

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hook * Punch* Paint

I've been keeping the hook, oxford punch, and the paintbrush busy! Lots of little things that need to be finished with the binding.

Had the strips for this pumpkin pre~cut and finally getting it started. Hope to finish hooking it this week but we shall see.....the kiddo's will be here this week :) This one is called "Bittersweet" and you can find it at Spruce Ridge Studios.

A few fall and Christmas painted canvas....with all this heat it's nice to be thinking of fall days!

It's been a busy weekend with moving a field of hay. Danny showed me how to load two bales on the tractor and my job was to get them in a row to load. He would load them up on the trailer and haul them and then come back for more. Happy to say they are all up near the barn.

Hope each one of you enjoyed your weekend and stayed out of the heat!

Happy Trails....Ginger