Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happenings down on the Farm

Don't they grow up so very fast. I so enjoy watching Sloan as he learns about this big world we live in. We go outside during the week when I have him for the day and we touch the leaves on the trees, watch the hummingbirds as they with hurried flight race from one feeder to another. He oohs and aahs at the sound of the morning birds and as late afternoon comes just before his Mom or Dad picks him up we go for a quick bicycle ride. He has quickly learned how to make the horn give it's loud squeak. Sometimes we make our way to the nearby small city that he lives in and grab a snowcone to share and head out to the lake. There we watch the Canadian geese that have made their way back for yet another year.

Lazily the geese swim watching for someone to offer them bread crumbs. They are very friendly and keep in groups as they travel across the lake area.

Just down the road someone built a little pond with a fountain. You can almost feel the coolness from the spraying water and at night it is lit brightly giving it such a wonderful glow.

I've been busily at night keeping my punch needle busy. I designed this little rug and just love the prim flowers. The little rug was made using 6 strand of floss and gives it a look and feel of a mini hooked rug. I wish I could hook with the wool strips as fast as the needle punch goes but I just can't seem to make that hook fly!

I also finished a really large penny rug that I designed. Depicting a simple family farm with a hit and miss penny border. For now I have it hanging in my sewing room. The stacks of pennies were done while on past weekend travels.

Also, be sure to visit the Lemon Poppy Seeds this week. Beginning July 1st...we will be having Christmas in July. Your sure to find lots of wonderful items by some very talented folks.

Happy Trails to you....Ginger

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Primitive Needle Punch "Summer Time Fun Down on the Farm"

If you follow the crooked path way behind the big oak trees lies a little farm where the sun has risen in the eastern skies for yet another day. Way up on the hill is a saltbox home shaded with a willow tree that has been around for generations.

The farmyard is already coming alive for another day. The rooster has crowed his good morning welcome to all and the sheep are happily munching on the rich green pastures. The garden will need a bit of tending later but for now a lil' bunny has found his way to the lettuce patch.

The baby ducklings are out for a quick morning swim and Tom our ol' barn cat lazily soaks in the warmth of the sun.

Join the Primitive Rug Hookers Group in the Hot Fun in the Summertime Launch. When you find a few spare minutes in your day stop over at eBay and just type in PRHG into your search to see all the offerings this group has made. Wonderful offerings of hand~made hooked rugs, needle punch, and much more.
Above is a needle punch that I designed and made using a 3 strand method....oh the countless stitches in this piece. As I drew it it just kept growing but I just love how it turned out and I almost don't want to let it go....

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, June 19, 2008

~*My Favorite Cowboys and a lil' Supper*~

My two favorite cowboys seem to be discussing some serious business. You know farm work is hard and sometimes it's nice to sit back and just see what's been going on with one another.

My Dad & Mom bought a farm after all of us girls grew up and moved away from home. We grew up in a small town not far from where I live now and at the time Dad often found time to take us girls fishing and sometimes hunting. I was the lucky one.... mmmhhh.... being the oldest of four girls to help with the cleaning of fish, doves, squirrels, whatever. Did you know you have to undress squirrels if they are coming for supper! Of course when the mystery meat hit the table it was always called "chicken" seems like we had a lot of chicken.

Frog legs also made their way to the table...but not before the excitement in the frying pan. Do you know if you don't cut the tendons they will jump in the pan~ NO KIDDIN'~so Mom being the prankster she is..we girls found out the hard way! I think she liked to hear us SCREAM!

This little squirrel was frozen in action coming down a tree as I took his picture. Believe me he was safe from me. I had no plans to undress him for supper!

Here is a great alternate to squirrel, frog legs,....
I'm not sure of the name of it but it is super quick and simple

~*~You'll need~*~
9 x 13 baking dish
12 Hawaiian Mini Loafs
Shaved Deli Meat (Your choice)
Sliced Cheese (Your Choice)
Make little sandwiches with the above then pack your 9 x 13 pan. Set aside.
Mix together:
2 TBS Mustard
2 TBS Poppy Seed
2 TBS Dried Minced Onion
2 tsp Worchestire Sauce
2 Sticks of Butter (melted) you can actually decrease this some!
Mix all this together and then pour over the top of the sandwiches...Right over the top!
Heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 15 to 18 minutes.
Serve warm and enjoy!

I didn't have mini loafs just the Hawaiian rolls and they worked fine. I cut the recipe in half for just us two and it was more than enough....and we saved a squirrel!

I actually finished a small hooked rug. The pattern is by Buttermilk Basin and was fun and simple to do. I'm still pretty new at rug hooking and still see lots of room for improvement. I've actually finished a couple more redwork Santa's for my Christmas quilt. It's amazing what you can accomplish waiting at doctor visits and of course....Tractor Supply!

Happy Trails~~~~~Ginger

Saturday, June 14, 2008

~*Family Reunion...A Time To Remember*~

Lots of families have family reunions and once a year our family on my Mom's side gathers at a nearby Great Uncle and Aunt's House. Food is overflowing, new faces appear each year, some faces grow older each year, but as time goes by we take time to remember those that are no longer with us. This year as we gathered I couldn't help but remember Grandma. She always cooked enough to feed the entire crew...we would unload her car from front to back. She had a funny side as well. Matter of fact all of her brothers and sisters have that too. Today you could see Grandma just by looking in my Great~Aunt's eyes...they all have the same eye color. It's been six long years since she went to see Jesus! What a reunion she celebrated that day!

My Uncle and Aunt have a wonderful place. They built a home long ago that was partially underground to accommodate a very large family. A swimming pool sits up on the hill and under the shade of the trees is a playhouse for the kids. A homemade olde looking car sits out front and they enjoy giving their grand kids rides.

Family came from many states some as far away as California. My mom's brother came for a short visit and my Mom was happy to see since it's been quite awhile.

We were able to get a quick picture of all my uncles and aunts before leaving for home. It's always a good time when families take time to get together even if just for a few hours. I always come home feeling better than when I left.
Hope each of you steal away for some precious time spent with some of your family!

Happy Trails to You....Ginger

Monday, June 9, 2008

*~Primitive Punch Needle Booklet Finished~*

It sure feels like Fall today with the cooler temperatures. Quite a nice change from the soaring temperatures we've been having. Welcome rains have been falling all day. It sure saves on watering the garden!

I finally put the finishing touches on the booklet Jenn and I designed. I thought I would share a picture of the needle punch that Jenn made that started it all! The little cat still needs an eye stitched on and a backing added to the needle punch. She did a terrific job and this piece is a whopper for a needle punch. I believe it is about 10" square. Inside the booklet you will find 4 Pumpkin head sisters, dancing jack's, stacks of jack o~lanterns, friendly witches,cats and moons, and perhaps even a pumpkin fairy! You can reduce or enlarge them to suit your craftin needs. Enjoy them for rug hooking, needle punch, wool applique, or painting!

If your interested in our booklet you can find them on eBay under the username....nyafarmgirl

I had so much fun drawing up these prim line's got me to thinking about Christmas but I'll save that for another day! Well off to do a little punchin'....

Happy Trails to You....Ginger

Friday, June 6, 2008

Primitive Halloween Booklet

I have been working away at some line drawings for a new little booklet. I was inspired by a needle punch Jenn did some time ago. I told her that I thought it would make a great pattern for hooking, applique, stitching, maybe even painting.

So I thought why not make a little at work today instead of getting paperwork done(it will wait til' Monday) I started drawing. We had a neat little store in the town I grew up in that had a Five and Dime store with wood floors, high ceilings, and isles filled with goodies. Oh, to visit that store to see all the treasures. What we now call Vintage Halloween....could be found there along with costumes for the upcoming Halloween night. We didn't have a big department store at the time but we enjoyed this store along with the malt shoppe and pharmacy next door.

I think Mom must have enjoyed the Halloween fun as much as we did. She always found the most interesting, scary masks. We might be in the kitchen late at night doing the dishes and look out the window and there she was with that mask about your heart racing, screaming, and running for your life!

I have to admit Fall is my favorite time of the year. We sometimes have our church family over for hayrides, games, lots of food, and a campfire. Guitars, fiddles, and banjo's finish of the evening with a sing~a~long around the campfire! OOOOh I can hardly wait for Fall to come again!

Check back soon and I'll post a picture of Jenn's Needle Punch that started this little booklet. If your interested in our booklet just click on the link and it will take you to our Lemon Poppy seed pattern shop! The booklet sells for 9.99 and has 10 line drawing patterns and we ship for free!

Primitives By The Light Of The Moon Patterns

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, June 1, 2008

~*June*~ A month of Plenty

It's hard to believe we are already into June. The dog days of summer are here on the plains of Oklahoma with soaring temps into the 90's. Oh to be a kid again and run barefoot and play in the pool. It seems like work lurks around every corner.
Living on a farm brings work from every direction. Fences always need mending, cattle need worked, gardens need weeded and eventually hay will need to be cut.
June brings many birthday kid sister "Jane" will celebrate a birthday and a wedding anniv. Her hubby "Brian" also has a birthday. My nephew John hits a milestone and turns 15. Soon he will be asking for the car keys! My brother~in~law "Dennis" also has a birthday. Of course Father's Day will soon be here. It sure to be a busy month.

I did find a little time to make a penny rug or two and finish up a few needle punch pieces. Hope each of you find a little time to enjoy some quality time with family, friends, and a few of the things you enjoy!

Happy Trails....Ginger