Thursday, December 3, 2015

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all those who left comments on the previous post.  We have two winners Fran Caswell and Gayle.   I have decided you each will receive a package of wool and wool yarn! 
I finished up a couple more pieces this week.  Two little wool pillows patterns by Cricket Street Wool and two primitive stockings by Cee of Early Style Penny Rugs. 
Many prayers today for all those in California.  My heart goes out to all of those families.  Please take a little extra time to give those near and dear to you an extra hug, tell them you love them, or an extra phone call. 
Happy Trails.....Ginger 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Finishes and A Giveaway

While I was in Branson, Mo during the months of September and October I had Monday's and Tuesday's off from vending at Silver Dollar City.  There is a special lady by the name of Carolyn Snyder that has a beautiful wool shop over the garage of her home.  It is a shop that you just want to stay and linger in!  She invited me to come over as often as I could and I eagerly excepted.  The above wooley quilt is one I just finished and is designed by her "Cricket Street Wool" and you can find her on Facebook.
She has so many wonderful wool applique designs and of course I gathered up a few to do.  I will be carrying her patterns in my little shop once it is all built....hopefully by spring!

Today I also finished up this little quilt by All Through The Night.  I simplified the pattern by just quickly sewing the blocks together and adding a little feather stitch along the stitch lines.  Love how it turned out!

Now for a little giveaway....Before the ice storm hit us I dyed up some cherry red wool yarn.  It works wonderful for Oxford Rug Punch and for binding rugs.  Along with the cherry red yarn I will included a couple of other hand dyed yarns as well.
So for all the folks that love a little bit of wool fabric for hooking or applique I will also be giving away a bit of wool fabric. 

I will draw two names on Wednesday, December 3rd.  So if you would like a chance at the wool yarn and the wool fabric just leave a comment and if you don't have a blog leave an email in the comment so I can notify you if you win. 
Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet November Days

A free little doodle for you to use!  

Oh it's good to be home again.  If you stopped by my booth at Silver Dollar City thank you very much!

Ann and I had a wonderful time but it is truly good to be back home.  Two months is a long time to be away from home.  We enjoyed so many nice days with just the last week being a bit rainy and cold.

Danny and I are busy getting the Big Red Barn finished on the inside.  This week the starting of putting the heat and air units in has begun.  Soon as that is accomplished we will have the spray foam insulation done and then on to finishing out the walls.

I'm hoping to have a giveaway soon!  I've been a terrible blogger this year and hope to do better.  
So check back soon and get your name in on the giveaway....who knows I may even have a couple of giveaways.

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Been A Very Busy Summer!

It seems like ages since I turned on the computer but here it is 2am and I have finally loaded in some pictures of what is happening around the farm.
We are building a retreat barn  with a workshop area and a store.  It should be in the dry within a week. 

Then the inside work will begin.  Once finished it will have 16 beds in the bunkhouse plenty of room for classes, hook-ins, quilt retreats, scrapbooking, wool applique workshops, crank-ins, etc!

We will have 2 porches with plenty of room for visiting and an area for enjoying some down home country cooking.

I hope to post pictures as we progress on the construction.

I hosted a wool applique workshop a little over a week ago and the gals did a tremendous job on the crazy quilt Christmas stockings.  Thank you so much to all the gals that came out to our farm for the workshop we sure enjoyed having you!

I've also been dyeing a LOT of wool yarn and wool fabric.  It's crunch time on final preparations for going to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.  I will vending there from September 11th through October 31st.

It's been such a busy summer.....with the grandkiddos, building a retreat barn, taking the certification class at Amy Oxfords, work, family, and just daily life on the farm but I have to say.....

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tutorial on Finishing A Punch Needle Project

I have a lot of needle punched pieces and there are a lot of different uses for them.  Ornaments, pillows, pictures, stockings, door greeters, book covers, little stuffed dolls, pins, necklaces, pincushions, and the list goes on and on.
I made some simple little videos to show you how I finished the piece above.  The pattern will be available in a couple of weeks if you are interested.  I used Valdani pearl cottons size #8 but you can use your favorite threads.
Happy Trails....Ginger

Rainy Days and Soggy Nights

It has been the craziest year with all the rain....we are certainly out of the drought.  Our ponds are running over and our yard is puddles. 

We did get a chance to get out in the fields and get some of the hay in.  Now the rains have returned and we are looking forward to sunshine!

So as we get a good SOAKING in the evenings I have been punching.  I've been using a lot of the Valdani #8 pearl cottons and will be having 3 different designer packages coming soon.

The above piece is Fraid E. Cat and the tale of 2 birds.

Then we have Mr. Gobbles a little bitty piece.

A little pumpkin headed gal that will be made into a wall pocket.

With all the rains the roses are soaking up every drop and putting on lots of blooms.

Wild blackberries are all over the pasture....I'm hoping to get out there to pick a pail full once the rains let up.

Look how big Miss Betty Rae is getting.....her favorite words are uh oh and NO.  Such a little cutie pie.

Sloan is up to something just look at that onery face!

Eva Mae borrowing Sloan's hat.  She is such a busy little gal and is growing up way too fast!

Fall pieces are beginning to come together.  I only have a couple of months and I will be back to Silver Dollar City to vend again.  The Autumn Kitty  was also punched with Valdani threads.

The little pumpkins below will be made into pins and were punched with hand dyed wool threads.

.I'll be off this weekend for a week  to Vermont.  I am going to take the teacher certification class for Oxford Punch at Amy Oxford's school.    It will be fun to take oxford punching to a new level.  

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and hope you are enjoying your summer days.

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Monday, April 27, 2015

Log Cabin Seasons

It's been raining so much and the temperatures have been so cool for April.  In the evenings I grab my punch needle and spend a little time punching.  I designed the Log Cabin Seasons they can be made into little mug rugs or enlarged for little mats.

I used Valdani pearl cottons size #8 for the samples.  I have listed the pattern for the Log Cabin Seasons as well as the patttern below "Little Log Cabin On The Prairie" over  at my etsy if you are interested.

Little Betty Rae is getting so big and has been walking quite a bit.  She wants to keep up with her big sister and cousin.

Eva Mae turned 3 years old on Sunday!  My goodness it is amazing how fast 3 years has gone bye.

Sloan is getting to where he has a lot of fun taking selfies and each day that I have him seems like I have new ones and videos on my phone!  Today we were at the office after he got out of school and kept himself entertained as you can see!

It is suppose to warm up later this week and I must say I am looking forward to some warmer days even if it does mean back to mowing the lawn and outside chores!  For now think I will find my punch needle and see what happens :)

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Log Cabin On The Prairie

I have been punching again with the Valdani Pearl Cotton #8's.  Such wonderfully dyed colors.
The Little Log Cabin On The Prairie is a pattern I will have available later this week.  You will be able to find it in my etsy shop.
Our spring days have been filled with lots of rainy days....the grass is so green and the skies have been so very blue.  Our big red barn is still waiting to be built.  The rains have delayed the builders but we shall not complain about the rains that bring moisture to our pasture grasses and ponds.  We shall just call them showers of blessings!
We are very thankful to have my dad back out of the hospital again.  He had quite a bad week last week and we so appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.  
This weekend we will celebrate the 3rd Birthday of Eva goodness how fast time goes by.
I've been hooking, punching, and crocheting in between work, little league baseball games, and everyday chores.  I even tag along a little project to work to do any chance I can get :)  I day with stitching or hooking makes for a happy day here at the farm!
Happy Trails.....Ginger

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Free Doodle BLOOMERS

A free little doodle just for you!
I punched this piece using Valdani pearl cotton #8's in the following colors

Use the doodle below simple by right clicking and printing.  Enlarge it to whatever size you choose.
You may also rug hook, oxford punch, applique, or needle punch your piece....It's for you so have fun and use whatever medium you choose!

It's been a crazy few weeks.  Dad has been in the hospital but is back home and we would appreciate your prayers as he will be going back in to have more stents placed in a few weeks.  Mom and Dad are taking each day as they come and they sure could use some good nights of rests!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is always best!  I've been punching quite a bit lately and using lots of Valdani pearl cottons.  Sure love the way the colors flow throughout your pieces.

Here is the mini skillet of colors I used in the above project!
Hand dyed wool threads are fun to use, too!
Hoping your spring day is full of blessings.
Happy Trails.....Ginger