Monday, November 16, 2009

Wintery Doodles Just For You!

Last night I found myself doodling up a bunch of snowmen that I will be posting throughout the coming days. Feel free to use them for needle punch, rug hooking, embroidery or however you choose just be sure to give me the credit as the designer.

Oh the cold winds are blowing across the plains of Oklahoma today. It makes for a good day to stay home and work on projects. This morning Sloan and I did some chores around the house...yes he's only 2 but he does love to help wash the dishes, run the hand~held vac and help load the dryer. He's such a big helper you just got to make sure he has plenty of chocolate milk and snacks because he works up an appetite.

He found a lil' time to enjoy some snacks while he watched the Disney movie "Aristocats"....he does like his movies!

Hope you are enjoying your start to the week and find yourself smiling today!

Happy Trails...Ginger

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