Thursday, February 26, 2009


We have had two beautifully warm days with little wind so what's a Grandma to do when a little boy says "outside" but to head on out the door. I thought it was time to introduce this little one to the joys of dirt and I must say he loves it.

What a great little helper with pulling grass and weeds as we began the spring cleaning of cleaning out the flowerbeds. Don't you just love the grin on this lil' farmer's face as he got so tickled at how the grass came right up. Don't think I'll get him around the onions my Mom and Dad just planted or I might be planting them over again.

All work and no play just won't he had to try out the tricycle that I found at a thrift store. Just can't seem to reach the pedals just yet.

Oh how I wish my knees worked like that again. One of these days I need to get a picture of him and his Great~Grandpa Bob together as my dad still sets like this when he's fishing or just needing to take a rest.

Well the warm temperatures are gone once again and now the prediction is for a chance of snow for the next couple of days. Surely spring is just around the corner!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~*NOEL*~ A Start for Next Christmas

Oh what a beautiful day we had here today on the plains of Oklahoma. The wind finally calmed down and much of the daylight hours was spent outside chasing an active lil' boy. It seems as though the weather forecast for the weekend is suppose to bring in cold temperatures once again. Oh well that's Oklahoma for you one day it's in the high 70's and the next it can be freezing.

I have been working on 2 different rugs that Gene Shepherd has been offering some different techniques on and I decided I best concentrate on one and finish it up so I thought I would show you my first finish. NOEL just happens to be my daughter's middle name, she was born just 8 days before Christmas. So this rug will displayed above the mantel this year. I am pleased with how it all came together and I did learn quite a lot.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring Dance
A lil' doodle for you!

Just a little doodle for you to use it however you choose. Sloan and I are ready for spring so we can stay outside longer how about you?

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabric Covered Boxes and a Lil' of This & That!

It's been a busy weekend and I'm pleased as can be with the fabric covered boxes I made. A group I belong to called "An American Primitive Gathering" hosted a weekend internet retreat. It's been great fun seeing all the photo's as everyone has worked on making covering boxes and completing projects.

I finished the redwork bunny announcing spring into a prim pillow.

These sweet lil' bunnies were primitively stitched with hand dyed crochet cotton to give it a time worn look then I fashioned it into a pillow stuffed with scraps of fabric to give it a olde~time feel.

I guess bunnies was the theme for the most part....finished up a sewing pocket to hold a little project.

Wool applique with just a touch of embroidery and there you have it a couple of tiny pinkeeps that would be great to take along for when you want to take work on a project on the go.

More covered boxes....may be why Danny decided to head on down to the barn as I was looking for more things to cover up with glue and fabric!

Now I'm off to see if I can start hooking the border on the "NOEL" rug that I've been working on. So it's been a productive weekend with the washing machine busily humming and several projects coming together.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Haulin' Rock!

Papa found two old dump trucks last weekend and thought a little boy just might get some use out of them. Sloan has been enjoying them ever since. Once he learned that you could load them with rocks and such and then dump them it kept him very busy.

Maybe this summer I can get him to haul weeds out of the flowerbeds for me!

Today I enjoyed the day spent at Country Collections where I taught a locker hooking class. The gals that took the class finished up both of their projects and did a beautiful job.

Two other sweet gals worked on a quilt and an apron.

Karen is the owner of Country Collections along with her Mom and always is busy getting lunch ready or cleaning up. If you are ever in Oklahoma and have time to visit their store in Moore, Okla. you'll simply be amazed at how jam-packed their store is with wool, fabrics, patterns, embroidery, needle punch, folk art painting supplies, and oh so much more!

Time to get back to hooking.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Friday, February 20, 2009

*~A Heart of Gold~*

Aunt Carrie & Aunt Teanie

I've been blessed many times over and family has been one of my greatest blessings. Today we celebrated the life of my great~aunt "Teanie" she was my grandma's sister on my Mom's side. One of the absolutely sweetest ladies you could ever know. She did not have a lot of worldly goods but she had a heart made of gold.

She loved to piece quilts and a lot were pieced by hand the old fashion way. She also loved to garden. She had more stamina than even a lot of young folks. I remember when my Grandma was living she called me one day and said me and sis took out a cabinet today and put in a new one. She was so proud that here they were in their 70's and still able to be as spry as a couple of young chicks!

I just visited with her a little over a week ago and although she was battling cancer she wanted to give me some cookies she had baked. You could never go visit her without leaving with something she baked or canned.

Today we had a farewell to say goodbye to one very special lady. Aunt Teanie you will truly be missed by many!

Sharron ~ Mom ~ Wendell

Uncle Gene will turn 90 this year!

Aunt Teanie's two lovable kiddo's....Wendell and Sharron

My great~uncle's Gerald, Bud, and Jack....Uncle Bud also turns 90 this year!

Wendell had my little niece Megan on her toes! Wendell is a huge cut~up and asked Megan "How does an elephant pick his nose" and Megan's response was "I'll have to ask my brother!" Sounded good to me.

It was a beautiful day to celebrate a life that touched so many.....Love ya and miss ya already Aunt Teanie!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting Started With Punchneedle for Beginners

Have you been tempted to try punchneedle but not sure about how to go about it? Here is a few little tips to get you started. First I must say I prefer the Cameo Punchneedle. I have several different types of punchneedles but Cameo is my absolute favorite. If you have good tools that you are comfortable with it does make the process so much easier.

Here is what you need.....a punchneedle, a threader that will come with your punchneedle, a small pair of scissors, weavers cloth (which is a tightly woven cloth and can be found at Wal~Mart or most fabric stores), a lip-lock embroidery hoop, or a gripper frame like used in rug hooking, and embroidery floss.

You can purchase pre~printed designs or you can just draw your own. If you don't have a lightbox to transfer your pattern to the weavers cloth just use a window with the sunshine it works just fine. I usually use a fine tip sharpie for drawing on my patterns. Oh yes, make sure you draw your pattern on in reverse because you will be working on the backside of the punch. It is really important if you are doing lettering or numbers.

Once you have your pattern transferred you will want to put your weavers cloth into the lip-lock hoop or onto the gripper again I do prefer the gripper frame but the lip-lock hoop will work just fine. Now comes the important part get that weavers cloth DRUM TIGHT. Don't distort your pattern just keep working it until it's tight.

Decisions ~ do you want to do your project in 3 or 6 strands???? Most of mine are done in 6 strands. When I do a 3 strand project I put my needle setting on a #1 loop setting and for the 6 strand projects I put the needle setting on a #3. This is by no means a have to issue....sometimes I change things up for flowers, fluffy bunny tails, and such.

For today's sake I used a 6 strand method on a #3 setting with a Cameo punchneedle using a medium size needle. I use the med size for 3 and 6 works great for either.

Your needle has a bevel side. I am right-handed so I punch from right to left keeping the open bevel side facing to the left as I work. When I come to a place where I need to turn I turn my frame or hoop still keeping the bevel facing to the left.

As you punch go all the way down to the point the barrel of the cameo is touching the weaver's cloth. Punch all the way down each time. As you come up just barely scratch the surface of the weavers cloth and go down right next to the last stitch punched.

Notice how the barrel of the punchneedle is all the way down this will make your loops the same height on the opposite side.

This is how you want your loops to look on the finished side. Even and no weavers cloth peeking through.

There is more tips for sure but hopefully this will get you started. I'll try to post a few more tips soon.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Booklet
*Meet Me Near The Rabbit Hole*

Sometimes doodles just keep popping up all at once. Meet me near the rabbit hole is a new little line drawing booklet filled with 10 drawings of rabbits. Two little rabbits sit on a wooden bench, papa rabbit pulls his little boy bunny in a wagon, a victorian rabbit carries her basket, and of course I had to add a Farmer rabbit dressed in overalls with his Missus!

They work up great for rughooking, punchneedle, embroidery and folk art painting. I think I may just have to pull out the paints and brushes again. I once taught folk art painting at our vocational technology school as an evening course, oh that was so many years ago!

I have added the little booklet to the LPS pattern shop....Primitives By The Light Of The Moon Patterns. It sells for $12.00 and the shipping is free. I also plan to put a few over on eBay.

Time to get back to a few more chores before Sloan wakes up from his morning nap and I know he will be wound up and ready to go! Hope your day is filled with many happy moments.

Happy Trails...Ginger

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tis a Delightful Sunday!

It's such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. The humming of the washing machine has been going most of the day and the clothesline outside has been whipping the clothes dry in the cold prairie winds.

I just finished updating the Lemon Poppy Seed Shop and the Country Fried Primitive Shop.

I have so many new projects that just need some finishing touches but those will be saved for another day. I'm almost finished with a new little line drawing booklet filled with bunnies. Hopefully this week it will all come together.

We made it home in the wee hours of the morning after traveling from Alabama to deliver one of our trailers that was purchased by a man that is going to start putting in storm shelters.

We traveled across 5 states yesterday and I must admit my backside and back by the end of the trip was feeling every mile of it! Oh it's good to be home!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, February 14, 2009

*~Happy Valentine's Day~*

Danny and I have been on a road trip delivering one of our dump trailers. We have traveled through Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. Hopefully on the way home we will find an antique shop or quilt shop to stop at along the way. Just wanted to drop in and wish each of you a Happy Valentine's day and may your day be filled with sweet treats!

Happy Trails...Ginger

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rise and Shine We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Christine be sure to visit her blog she has 3 beautiful children and you'll love the inspiring words of how they live life to the fullest. It is quite a blessing!

Now I'm a night owl and just every once in while I find I just can't rise and shine. Yes, I accidently slept in this morning and was awakened by the sweetest little boy ready to as he says EAT! So MoMo....that's what he calls me for now, had to hurry and fix him something to EAT and muffins, peaches, and yogurt just hit the spot.

I use to wake my kids up by saying "Rise and Shine"....I still call them occasionally and repeat those words and on occasion they call me and tell me the same thing! I must admit lil' Dan has been known to do it quite early.

So I drew up this little doodle, grab it if you want and use it however you would like. Hope your day is filled with warm sunshine and time spent with someone you love!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, February 8, 2009

*~* Just Piddlin'*~*

My Mom calls me most everyday and if she doesn't I call her. Most of the time she asks what I'm doing and my response *~* Just Piddlin' *~*....of course the other night I said just hookin' and she was questioning me on that one! So I guess I'll stick to just piddlin'.....
I just love mini quilts and this one is just about done. Just a few more stitches on the border and then it will be ready for a bit of quilting and then the binding.

I started a block of the month offered by Bunny Hill designs. It's a free pattern each month. The second in the series is already out and I can't wait to get started on that one. Perhaps later in the week.

I've also been working on 3 hooked rugs....the two shown are from Gene Shepherd's blog. He is showing a step by step workshop...what a learning experience. Even if you don't want to hook the rugs he is doing be sure and stop by and see all the creative ideas and information you'll be glad you did!

It's sure to be a busy week again. We are in much need of rain as most of the state is in a burn ban.

If you haven't signed up for my giveaway be sure to do so. I have a link on the sidebar just click on it and it will take you to the post you have until Tuesday, February 10th.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mom!

My Mom's birthday was actually on Friday the 6th being as our family has grown so much it's just much easier to do things on the weekend. Goodness the little family of what was once 6 has turned into 21 and I predict there will be further additions as time goes by.

We also celebrated Mom & Dad's anniversary a few days early being as it will be this coming Tuesday. Actually Mom and Dad tried to get married on Mom's birthday 47 years ago but back in those days men had to be 21 and Dad was only 20. Mom tried changing his driver's liscense but the court clerk I guess wasn't fooled. So off to Texas they went to my Grandma's so she could sign the papers allowing Dad to marry.....Glad she did!

All the cousins are enjoying each other's company with Grandpa Bob joining in the fun, too!

It was such a nice evening that the kids went outside to ride the bicycle carts and play while the bigger "kids" played checkers and a card game.

Here are the " Three Stooges" ooops I meant 3 wonderful sisters!

I just had to include this one of Sherry and her hubby! I never can get him to behave long enough to get a good picture. Got to love those knees!

And since it doesn't happen to often...a picture of me and my lil' Valentine.

Happy Trails....Ginger