Monday, June 6, 2016

A Little Summer Time Fun!

We are staying busy as the summer time fun has began.....Sloan has grown up so much and loves baseball.  They won 2nd place in a benefit tournament and the gave the kids and coaches rings....he loved it!  Yes, that's his redheaded kiddo all grown up!
Jenn and I took the kiddos to the splash pad to cool down on a hot summer day and then we have to stop for a delicious snowcone! 

We have added another Golden Retriever to the family....Molly now has a friend "Moses" and she keeps him in sight most of the day.  Believe me that is a lot of work as he is one busy lil' pup!
The dog days of summer are here it seems!  It has turned off hot and muggy and it's always nice when you can find a shade and enjoy a big glass of iced tea or lemonade.  Danny has been looking for goats to add to the farm family and I'm hoping to have a chicken coop up once again.  Life is always busy on the farm but it sure is fun!
We will be hosting an open retreat this fall if you are going to be in the area.
Time to go find that tall glass of iced tea...
Happy Trails....Ginger