Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saltbox Row

As the winds howled and the rain gently fell on the farm I hooked this little runner.  It is a pattern by Buttermilk Basin called Saltbox Row.
The Oklahoma winds have continued to blow and much of north Oklahoma has had a blizzard.  For the most part the central portion of Oklahoma mostly has enjoyed the rains.  I think we may officially be out of the drought!
Well think I'll go find a warm quilt and call it a night....looks to be one cold night :)
Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rise and Shine To A Snowy Day!

We woke up to a field of snow and cold winds blowing.  We are so grateful for the snow and rain it is helping to heal the dry lands. 
I drew up this little doodle of a very prim rooster and enjoyed hooking this little mat.  I use to tell my kiddo's when they were little and going to school "Rise and Shine"....not something I enjoy doing really as I'm a night owl :)

On and off throughout the day flurries of snow and drops of rain fell.

I did make it outside to put out some bird seed and to feed the cat and her kittens that were keeping warm in Danny's shop.  The laundry basket slowly filled with clean sheets and clothes as a warm pot of soup simmered on the stove.

In between a few baskets of laundry I found time to hook up more small little mats.  Eight little pennies on a simple mat hooked with one wool for the pennies and one brown wool for the background made this one hook up fast.

A splash of blue found it's way onto this little rug and reminds me that spring is on the way.  The little rugs I have made this week are all pretty small ranging from 9 x 12 up to 10 x 20 inches.  I haven't made much of a dent in the scrap baskets but I sure have enjoyed hooking each of these. 
It's time to find the needle and yarn and get busy binding...my least favorite of the process.  My fingers go numb pulling the needle after awhile.  Maybe a few will be bound in different ways just to break up the process.
More rain and snowflakes are on the way....so the crockpot will be filled with a new recipe soon and the wool dust will continue to fly!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beloved Angel and Old Primrose

The wool dust has been flying...
"Beloved Angel" a quite simple little design I drew on a scrap piece of monks cloth and with scraps from the basket and a bit of hand~dyed ribbon given to me by a dear friend she came about this afternoon.

"Old Primrose" a fun lil' runner also done on a scrap piece of monks and most of the wool came from previous projects.   I'm on a hooking roll and drew 3 more little mats up this time on linen so back to the basket I go!  Snow and rain may be on the way and tomorrow I'll put on a big pot of soup and let the wool dust continue to fly!
Hope your staying nice and warm and enjoying your week :)
Happy Trails...Ginger

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Day At The Farm

Fun day at the farm...lots of hooking, punching, and stitching :)
The weather was wonderful, the food was good and the company was splendid!
Just a wonderful day to spend the day!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

With a Hook and a Punch

I have two frames going this evening...On the rug hooking frame is Grandma's Garden a pattern by LJ Fibers.  I have enjoyed hooking this one.  Laurie does a wonderful job on her wool colors and her patterns!  I did change the border so if it looks a bit different that is why!   

Then stepping over to the needle punch frame I drew up a few little doodles to punch for those mounds of paper mache boxes I covered a few months back! 
Well the snow is completely gone but we are so thankful for all the moisture that we received.  The rye grass is a wonderful green and some of the neighbors have green winter wheat...just what the cows love!  Next week they are saying we may get more snow or rain.  We are still in an extreme drought so any precipitation is gladly welcome.
Well back to the hook and punch needle!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oklahoma Snow and Rug Hooking

It was a wonderful day filled with snowflakes and friends add in some time at Rug Hooking Guild and what fun we had!  There was only a few of us that braved the cold but the snow wasn't sticking to the streets so it was a nice way to spend the day and work on binding some rugs.

I finished the hooking on Bewitched last night and still need to steam and bind it.  Just love this cute rug it was a fun one to do!

I drew this redware bird a few days ago and hooked it.  Today I finished the binding.  Pati Jane and I will be at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri this September for a month as one of their American Craftsman.  We are making lots of hooked items and other finished goods.  We will also be offering lots of new patterns and hand~dyed yarns and supplies.    It truly is a labor of love :)
Hopefully a few more snowflakes will fall on the Oklahoma prairie's before they blow away.  It would be nice to see enough to build a snowman but I truly doubt here at the farm that will happen this time.  Hope your staying nice and warm in your neck of the woods!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Monday, February 11, 2013

The UFO Pile Is Getting Smaller or Is It....

Hot off the frame is the chairpad I started yesterday.  It's a pattern by The Red Saltbox call 1822 Fraktur Round.  I didn't hook in the 1822 but it would look great if someone wanted too.
Now to get it steamed and bound.  I go through cycles of hooking, punching, sewing, and binding.  It works for me....at times I wish I was like all the gals that start something and complete it before going on to something else.   Oh well....

I started this rug last June at the Star of Texas Rug camp while taking a class from Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge.   I found my background wool and cut out some wooley strips and have it on the frame once again and this time I'll finish the hooking.  I have 2 more large rugs started and I plan on finishing them before too long.  The one above is called "Bewitched" and it has some fun techniques used in it.   I'm off to see what I can accomplish before I call it a night!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hookity, Hookity.... and GrandKiddo's

Tonight I have this wonderful piece on my frame it is by Wendy of The Red Saltbox.  Love the rich colors I'm working on the background and then it will be done.
Love the patterns Wendy has to offer :)

I made two of these Eagles this weekend.  One is for Danny....have to get the binding done soon!  I purchased this pattern from Cathy of Hooked on Primitives.  She has some wonderful patterns, too!

I finished this one up....I had started it last year and well I had cut all the wools for it ahead of time.  Wouldn't you know it I borrowed from the package and used up the border wools....no worries I just simplified the pattern, took out the partial border and now it's all finished ready to be steamed and bound.  This one is a design by Lori Brechlin and can adapted by Spruce Ridge Studios.  Kris has lots of patterns to choose from and ooh and ahhh over!
Now on to the kiddos....
I spend a good deal of my week with these two and I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

Miss Eva is ready to be out of her high chair...her Uncle Dan has come for lunch and he has something she wants.

She loves ice cream as much as he does...she swiped his little cup of vanilla.

How do I get to the good stuff????

She has turned into a speedster she is almost to the point of walking.

Hey is that "Bubble Guppies"....must mean it is almost time to go get Sloan!

These two are best of friends

Look out everyone he is ready to drive and a forklift has lots of things to try out!

Someone loan me a key I'm ready to move some trailers and truckbeds around.

Hey guys it's time to call it a day! 
That is a peek into part of how my week goes.....never a dull moment!
Happy Trails.....Ginger

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kind~Hearted Woman Hooked Mat

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a road trip and while shopping in a second hand store I ran across a basket with a wood lid.  I purchased it and thought it might look good with a hooked mat on top.  I drew up this little doodle  and within a few hours it was done. 
Now I'm not sure if you have ever heard about the cat symbol being drawn by hobo's for a kind~hearted woman nearby.  The hobo would leave the marking of a cat on a nearby tree if there was a kind woman nearby who would feed you.  My great~grandma lived near the railroad and would often feed the hobo's who showed up at her back door.  She would have them set outside at the picnic table and give them a meal.  My mom wasn't allowed outside when they were there but would watch from the nearby window.
I like the simple drawing of the smiling cat and will be glad to get this one bound and onto the basket.  I plan to keep some of my needle punch supplies inside :)  It will remind me of all the kind~hearted women in my life!
One of the most kind~hearted people I know is my mom....she is celebrating her 69th birthday today.  She is always busy doing something and loves to cook and tend to her farm animals.  Just Love my Momma!!!! 

I finished the hooking on this chairpad, too .  I used up some of the scraps from the overflowing basket!

We have some wooden children's chairs and so a simple little heart chairpad was hooked last night, too and not to waste any background fabric I had just enough room to add a simple little house!  Guess I better clean up the wool snippets and find a needle and get busy binding this week.
Dad informed me that he has his garden tilled and the rows laid out for onions and just as soon as he gets some he will need some help planting.  Their garden is HUGE, actually they have two gardens.      I'll have to share a picture of the never~ending rows once we get started!
Enjoy the rest of your week....
Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, February 3, 2013

*~ Hooking Therapy ~*

I find that pulling loops and even binding is great therapy for the soul.  There is something about wool that brings me simple pleasure.

I started another chairpad and before the evening is up this one will be hooked.  I already know what I want to do next....I can truly say I never tire of pulling loops, punching, and stitching!
Now housework....well that is another story :)
Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Sunshine

Sunny days on the farm this February to good to pass up a walk....

The front pond is so low.

Brilliant blue skies on what should be a cold day!


Matilda and Margaret have been naughty girls they made their way to the house last week and chewed up my bushes.  Back to the lot at the barn for these gals. 

The barn is still full of hay as well as down by the shed.  Next week more cattle are coming to make their home here for the spring and summer.

I've been hooking winter projects and finished up Dear Santa's today...

Olde quilts repurposed into pinkeeps and a cupboard hanger.

Well.....back to whipping on a few chair pads :)
Hope you have enjoyed your Saturday!
Happy Trails....Ginger