Sunday, May 18, 2014

Growing Up Way Too Fast

Our lil' Sloan is a proud graduate of Kindergarten!  They had the cutest program and each student stated on a video what they want to be when they grow up....this young man is wanting to be an archaeologist and a scientist.

He truly enjoyed kindergarten and learned so much.

Miss Betty Rae came and her Aunt Sheena was happy to hold her during the program.

Little Eva Mae came, too and was excited to see Sloan on the stage and she made sure everyone knew she saw Sloan :)

Tee~ball has been in full swing and Sloan has his dad as the coach and his mom is the dugout mom!
Aunt Jenn took all the photo's for me as I was busy with Eva and keeping score for the teams.

Sloan was up to bat and guess what?????

Well that is what has been happening along with lots of crafting that I will show you this week.  Life is full of blessings be sure and count your blessings you will be surprised at how blessed we all are!
Happy Trails....Ginger

Friday, May 9, 2014

Scissor and Hook Holders

Small little needle punches don't take too long to make and I thought I would make these into scissor and hook holders to go on rug hooking frames.  Having a pacemaker makes it a bit challenging when working with strong magnets.  So the last bit of hand sewing once I put the magnets inside had to be done at arm's length.  I think this may be enough for awhile on to something else!

I drew a really simple house onto monks cloth and then you will see I changed the house up a a log cabin.  With lots of different sizes of oxford punch needles I tried all kinds of fibers....wool, wool yarns thick and thin, and some polyester.

This will make a fun little chairpad that was quick and easy.  Something you can finish in one evening.

Wishing each of you a fun packed Friday!   Mine will be spent with the grandkiddos :)

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life is Full of Grands!

Little Miss Eva Mae turned 2 years old the end of last month.  She is growing up way too fast!
She loves ice cream and her Uncle Dan has been spoiling her with it for quite awhile :)


She loves Bubble Guppies and if you have small children or grands you will be familiar with the fun little cartoon.

We celebrated with a party and she loved all the presents and the cash will go into her savings account her Mom and Dad started for her.

Little Betty Rae is growing and changing with each new week.  Thanks so much for all the prayers her check up with the pediatric cardiologist went very well and looks like she will be just fine.  She is just the sweetest lil' doll :)  Of course MoMo might be a bit on the partial side.

Sloan keeps busy being a boy!  He loves to go on adventures and we have been getting in some good walks around the pasture and ponds.  He is playing lots of tee ball this year and next week will graduate kindergarten!

We also had a family reunion on Dad's side of the family.  It is always great to get together with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
April days just flew right by.....
I have been busy as a bee getting ready for the fall festival at Silver Dollar City that will be held this September and October.  Kits of needle punch, rug hooking, oxford punch and patterns are piling up....yarn is being dyed and rolled into wonderful cakes and lots of finished goods are stacking up, too. 
The grass is green so the yard is needing tending too, often and in a few weeks Frank Bielec as well as lots of gals will be her for a 2 day is full!
Keeping busy and enjoying every minute of it :)
Happy Trails.....Ginger