Thursday, May 22, 2008

~Primitive Pinkeeps made by the Light of the Moon~

I have finally been back to doing a few stitches...Of course most are made late into the night and wee hours of the mornings. Here is a few of the pinkeeps that I have finished. I should have a large penny rug done by tomorrow and I hope to get to that big old stack of needle punch pieces begging to be finished.

We have no big plans for Memorial Day weekend just a relaxing weekend at home! Yeah right, the yard needs mowed, more weeding, and some planting in the garden just to name a few.

Our 7 1/2 month old grandson "Sloan" has been crawling for about 10 days now. He has decided that crawling isn't near enough so he has ventured into standing and with one hand. His mom found out he can also climb. He climbed up his little chair onto their couch. It looks like I better add baby proofing our home on the list for this weekend also. Hope each of you have a safe and happy weekend....

Happy Trails...Ginger

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Well it sure is too nice of a day to have to go to work. I would just as soon be home sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds or pulling weeds from my flowerbeds. Yes there are weeds in the flowerbeds...uugghh!
They will have to stay put for a little longer because duty calls and off to work we go. My sister Sherry usually fills in for me when I am keeping Sloan but her lil'girl Megan is "gradulating" as she calls it kindergarten today! Congratulations to Megan and my other niece Maggie for "gradulating" today!

Grandpa is busy teaching Sloan the ropes on how to build a trailer. He loves to sit on top of grandpa's desk and kick all the papers. Now for a look into the welding shop. A little FYI....I actually know how to weld but don't do it anymore. Got me a pacemaker and those lil' welding machines just zap the power right out of those pacer batteries. I'll just stick to stitching....

Danny and the guys stay busy all day long.

Our son~in~law "JJ" works outside most days...wiring trailers, flooring, and moving stuff around.

Sloan is wiped out. It's been a busy day for a little boy.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, May 15, 2008

~*Do You Have This Problem*~

How many projects can one person start? For me it is way too many. I think I need help! I at least finished the flower penny rug but I have two new quilts going on at once and that doesn't count the other quilts stored away. Then I guess I would have to mention all the needle punch pieces that are punched but not made into anything yet. Actually I think I have rubbed this bad habit off onto my daughter Jenny. She keeps bringing me needle punched tops with a line "I'll be back to make them into something", she has made one Halloween needle punch that I would love to have but we'll see!

Here are two redwork Santa blocks for a quilt I'm working on. Only another 10 or so to go. Dear ol' Claus gets worked on when I'm setting at Tractor Supply or Lowe's waiting on Danny. Mom actually caught me after church doing a few stitches while I was sitting in the truck waiting on Danny. Hey a gal has to stitch whenever she can find a spare minute.

I had hoped to have these finished by Christmas...I guess it all depends on how many trips we make to Tractor Supply!

Well for a few days I'm putting my stitching away. This little one is sure to keep us on our toes. Our son and daughter-in-law are on their way to Las Vegas. Sheena's youngest brother and his family live there. They are going for a surprise birthday party. Dan has never been to Vegas and I bet that it will be a sight to see.
So Sloan is ours for a few days. We have already taken a walk down to see the cows and he loved hearing them moo! He had a nice warm bath and a bottle and went down for a much needed rest.

The bottles are all washed, the supper dishes are done, and this old gal is about to call it a night. It's early for me I'm known to stay up until 2am but I think I better get some sleep myself before Sloan decides it's time to get up and play!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, May 11, 2008

~One Happy Gal~

Hip Hip Hooray! Jenn finished college and the ceremony is over. This is one happy gal no more homework. Her dad wore his dress overalls in honor of the special occasion!

Of course Sloan got in on the action!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a day filled with fun and lots of work on Saturday. For mother's day my 3 sisters along with their familes and my family met at my Mom and Dad's and painted their house trim and porch. We also trimmed up a lot of trees and by the end of the day everyone was exhausted but oh the rewards! Happy Mother's day...Mom we love ya!

Dad was in on doing some mending.

Sisters "Sherry and Jane" taking care of business!

My youngest sister "Bobbie" was busy getting the house trim ready to paint.

My three youngest nieces Maggie, Megan, and Mandy Jo. These 3 little gals find fun wherever they go. Oh to be young again!

John took care of some of the bigger limbs for us.

Wyatt and Erin hauled lots of loads. My niece Erin out did the boys by far. She carted load after load of limbs.
I bet we all sleep well tonight of course I plan to take 2 tylenol, rub on the arthritis cream and hit the hay! Hope each of you have an enjoyable Mother's day with family and friends.

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

*~* I turned around and....*~*

I turned around and see that my little Jennifer Noel is all grown up! This coming Friday night she will graduate from college. I remember the day her big brother went to kindergarten and she cried.... she wanted to go to school too! So she went to pre~school for a couple of hours twice a week...actually they called it Mother's day out.

"A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart" not sure who said this but it sure is true!

I have two little nieces graduating from kindergarten next week and before you know it my sisters will turn around and ......

I made the most wonderful lasagna yesterday and it was so simple. You can find the recipe by going to The lasagna was quick and easy and my family ate it up! I had the pleasure of being able to stay home again today and made the Carrot Cake from her son loved it! Of course he loves dessert as much as his moma. There is a little left for the lunch crowd tomorrow if I can keep it hid!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Friday, May 2, 2008

~*Time began in a Garden*~

What a wonderful day spent stitching with friends. Once a month I try to get to one of my favorite stores here in Oklahoma called Country Collections by Hart located in Moore, Ok. They have a shop filled with primitives that are handmade not the imported stuff! Patterns for embroidery, rug hooking, needle punch, felting, penny rugs, quilts and more. They have wool on the bolt and hand~dyed as well. Hand~painted items, candles, rusty tins, and the list goes on! Every time I visit their store I see something new.

Today was so nice to just sit and stitch and of course I found a few lil' things I just couldn't resist! I have been working on Time began in a Garden by Indygo Junction a quilt block of the month. It is a raw edge quilt pattern but loving wool....I am making it into a wool wall quilt. A very talented teacher at Country Collections did one in hand~dyed wools and it is absolutely awesome! So hopefully by the end of the year if not before I will have mine done and hanging on the wall behind our bed. So far I have two blocks totally done.

Tomorrow is suppose to be nice here and the grass is ready to cut once again. I also have some flowers that are in need of being planted so I guess tomorrow will be....Time Spent in the Garden!

~*Happy Trails*~....Ginger