Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rug Hooking and Oxford Punch

It's been an amazing week. First I would like to thank all of those concerned about the tornado's here in Oklahoma. One of the local towns suffered quite a bit of damage and many lost there homes. As the surrounding communities pull together to help one another somehow life goes on for those affected. The worst part is not the material things but the loss of life. I am especially saddened by the heartache of the families that lost children. Just makes my heart ache for all the family and friends that knew these little ones. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those with this tremendous loss.

Our ebay group leader Kelley thought we all needed a bit of sunshine and came up with the idea for a challenge to make a sunflower. This is the one I came up with!

I attended the Star of Texas Rug Hooking Camp in Tyler, Texas last week and really enjoyed the time I spent visiting with some of the gals I met last year. Of course there was lots of inspiration to see with all the wonderful rugs that were presented at the rug show. Hope you enjoy looking at a few of them.

I took an oxford punch class with Frank Bielec. He is such a wonderful teacher. Not only do you learn all kinds of new things you hear such funny stories that always keeps you smiling. There was a total of 9 of us in the class. This is part of the group. We all were there right up until the end.

These four gals were also from Oklahoma and were such fun. They all came from the Broken Bow area and this was the first time they had ever worked with wool to make a rug and they made some outstanding projects! I think they are hooked :)

Frank treated each of us to our own special rug. Just name anything and he would draw you a pattern.

For my rug I chose a farm scene with chickens, cows, a house, flowers and a flag. I was simply amazed at how fast he can draw.....

Well I hope to show you more rugs and some of the projects I made in the upcoming days. I've got a bit of catching up to do around the old farm place first. The laundry basket is spilling over and the tomato and pepper plants are hiding in the weeds :(

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day and remember to say a prayer of thanks for all of those who have served and are serving today for our country. We wouldn't have the comfort of FREEDOM if it were not for the sacrifices that have been made!

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Painted Bunting and Hummers

The hummingbirds have came back again this year. They dart and play going from one feeder to another. At times there are 5 or 6 racing one another across the yard dive bombing into feeders.

Sometimes they are caught sharing and other times they attack each other fighting for rights.

A cardinal and a painted bunting sharing at the feeder. This is the first time to see a painted bunting here. Hope he stays around for awhile.

This is a very interesting's called a shrimp plant. I don't have a green thumb so hopefully it's hardy and will do well.

I've been doing a little planting in the flowerbeds. I'm trying to plant perrenials that attract birds and butterflies....we will see if it does the trick!

Once again the winds have kicked up and have sent the cottonwood trees into sending down lots of fluff....sure makes for alot of itchy watery eyes and sneezing. They are forecasting more rain. I like a good rain it just seems to wash away some of the dust and it makes the trees and plants do so much better.

The garden is taking it's sweet time in growing this year. With the temps going up and down guess it doesn't know what to do. Sloan keeps going out and checking the watermelon vines for signs of a watermelon. It's way too early for one but I may just buy a small one and put it out there for him to find :)

Well I've been cutting basketfuls of wool into a #6 cut. I'm packing up a suitcase with wool and yarn and setting out on an adventure in a few days. Got my oxford punch needle, backing, and a sharp pair of scissors ready to go. Star of Texas Camp in Tyler Texas begins Sunday evening and I can hardly wait. I'll be taking Frank Bielec's class once again. I had a grand time last year and learned so much plus if you have ever had the opportunity to meet Frank you'll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. He has so much information to offer and he keeps you in stitches with all of his stories. Just can't say enough about how FUN his class is!!!

Check in next week and I'll try to share some of the fun happenings going on.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wool Journal Covers and A Lil' Graduate!

My dear friend "Betty" gifted me a wonderful wool appliqued journal cover back in February. It is truly a keepsake. So I found that I had some little booklets tucked away in a cabinet and thought why not make some little covers for them. It was really quick since I used very simple little designs. Look what appeared out of the scrap basket.

I plan on putting some in our lil' booth and think they would make great gifts for someone special and are just the right size to tuck in your purse.

I also made some larger ones for two very special gals. Sloan has been going twice a week for 2 1/2 hours to a preschool. He has loved every minute of it. Miss Carolyn has been helping with preschool and kindergarten since my children were in grade school. You can really tell she enjoys the children.

Miss Teresa is a retired school teacher and loves to sing. The children run to her each morning they arrive and love to get a hug. She taught them so many songs. For the end of the year program they sang many of the songs that they had learned. It was so darling to watch those lil' ones.

They each received a certificate and cd of photos. I know he is going to miss going during the summer months but I'm sure we will fill those days with going to the park and swimming.

Today was a nice crisp, cool day that felt just like fall. Love those cool days and I know before long the dog days of summer will be here until then I'm just going to enjoy every minute of those cool breezes!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Visit to San Antonio, Texas

Mom and I had planned a trip to San Antonio a few months ago and the day finally arrived last week. We packed up a couple of bags and left Thursday afternoon and drove down to Temple, Texas and stopped for the night. We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and then went back to the hotel to get some rest. Early Friday morning we continued on our trip to San Antonio....we were off to see a cousin that we both adore!

Sharron Ann here in the center and her hubby Rene' were perfect host and showed us around San Antonio. We went to the famous riverwalk and went on the boat ride. We were treated to Mexican food (our favorite) and Rene' also grilled out and Sharron made some awesome Pico and coleslaw.

Sharron and Mom share a passion when it comes to cooking so they enjoyed talking about recipes. Sharron is in the process of making a cookbook that really applies to diabetics as diabetes has a tendency to run in our family.

Sharron and Rene' preparing a wonderful meal for us.

I just love pico and this was fantastic! I admit I had more than one helping.

Before you know it the weekend had come to an end and it was time for Mom and I to pack up and head back to Oklahoma. Sharron and Rene' showed us a wonderful time and we look forward to having them come up next month for the family reunion.

While on the trip home we took Hwy 281 instead of I-35 and we found lots of wonderful places along the way to stop. Queen B is run by 2 women both principals of schools in Hamiliton, Texas. Oh if only I had a trailer with me what treasures I would have brought home!

We also found a lot of Mom and Pop plant nurseries along the way and stopped at a few.

Looks like we both will be busy planting for the next few days. Well I had a most wonderful Mother's day with my Mom. We made lots of new memories. Danny had a few surprises for me when I returned home and so did my kiddo's. Loved each and every one of them....I am truly blessed.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Opening Up a Treasure Chest and More

Treasures of life come in all forms....simple little things like a call from a friend, a hug from your Mom or Dad, the conversation with a 3 year old. I have so many simple little treasures in my life.....treasures that are such wonderful blessings.

My dear friend Betty put together this wonderful treasure chest of goodies. Her handmades are just beautiful. She puts her heart into everything she makes. I'm very honored to to have several items Miss Betty has made. Thank you Betty for the wonderful treasures!

Another treasure also came in today's mail....a sweet card from an AAPG friend "Mimi" with the sweetest wool strawberry and adorable birdhouse. They will certainly bring some sunshine to our home. Thank you so much Miss Mimi!

Well treasures of life are not hard to find....Just look around and you'll surely see beautiful flowers blooming, birds chirping love notes to each other, laughter of children, sunsets and oh so much more. I hope you'll take time to look around at the simple treasures that you have in your life.

Happy Trails....Ginger

Army Blanket Stitching

I've had an old army blanket for quite awhile and I've used it in several projects. I found a scrap piece in the basket and came up with some small projects. A needle case ready to hold some pins and needles. I enjoy just taking scraps and a pair of scissors with no pattern and just playing.

The inside of the needle case.

A small little sampler with a very wonky edge...

A little flower pocket.

I would like to thank all of you for the gracious comments on our home. We are very blessed to live in our barnhouse. It's actually a metal building that was built similar to a barn and we added brick halfway up. It's still a work in progress but we do enjoy sharing lots of gatherings with family and friends here. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and in answer to the cowboy room...yes the Cowboy does clean his own bathroom and occasionally you find him even doing the dishes and laundry. Yes folks I got me a keeper.

Happy Trails to You.....Ginger

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooked Flag and Spring Cleaning

Let me just say I would rather be pulling wool loops and hooking any day than cleaning. I took a break last night and drew off a pattern of a simple flag and with one fat quarter of wool and a few strips of yellow in no time I had this small simple flag mat finished.

Here is the fat quarter of wool I used. It worked great for this little flag mat don't you think?

This doesn't happen very often. Cleaned off all the kitchen counters and have supper ready to go for the night.....Hoping to find some crafting time tonight and tomorrow night!

Dusted and picked up but not for long....We will have to have some toys out before too long!

Almost need the fireplace going today since we are having a cold snap....and here it is May!

Still need to do a bit of decluttering on this area.

Keepsakes and quilts.

A look down the hallway....the laundry is almost all done for the day.....hooray!

The guest bathroom.

Our bedroom ....boy I could use a nap!

The eleptical that sits in our bedroom that I really need to be using?!?! Do you see the crocodile on the patchwork quilt on the chair :)

The wall in our bedroom that still needs some decorating.

The master bath....Two restroom areas yes a Cowgirls room and a Cowboys room!



And behind the curtain on the right a wheelchair accesible shower for when we get OLD! The hope chest I made in High School wood shop class.

The guest/toy room....lots of toys for one little boy!

Well Sloan and I served lunch to the work crew today here at the house and we are exhausted so time to go watch a little Scooby Doo and maybe grab a quick nap. Hope your enjoying your Monday whatever you may be doing!

Happy Trails....Ginger