Thursday, October 30, 2008

*~A Happy Halloween~*

Wishing each of you a day filled with lots of treats. I have always enjoyed Halloween although I like it for seeing the little kids in their costumes no matter if they are store bought or handmade. I have to admit though I don't like to go into haunted houses and I don't like scary movies.

When I was a kid we lived in town and way back then you could let your kids go trick or treating in the neighborhood with out much fear. Being the oldest of the kids I was in charge of my sisters as we went from door to door gathering goodies. One year we were allowed to go over to the next block as long as we stayed together.

One house was decorated with lots of Halloween lights and such. We went right up to the door and rang the bell. When the bell rang out swoops a ghost across the porch with scary music to go right along with it. Now being the oldest I had to take control of the situation. Now like I said I don't like scary stuff so I was off that porch as fast as could be and was running for home not sure if my sisters were behind me or not...each kid for themselves!

I'm sure the people at the house were getting a big kick out watching all those little kids running off in every direction. They probably saved alot of money on candy that year!

Our little community had Halloween early due to the Friday Night Football games. We saw kids of all ages dressed up for the occasion. I have to admit this little monkey was one of my favorites...then again this is Grandma's little monkey!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fast & Furious Stitching!

With a big shin~dig planned here for Sunday evening and my lil' shop over Lemon Poppy Seeds needing updated on November 1st I've been stitching as fast as I can in between trying to clean house with a 1 year old following my every footstep!

He's such a JOY that I'm really not complain'....they grow up way too fast don't ya know!

Speaking of JOY I made these two little rugs from a pattern booklet I purchased from Kelley over at With Hook & Needle
The first one is done with the tradition wool rug hooking and the second one is a little locker hooked rug.

This is my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with it's crooked star and all!

Oh and here's a peek at some guys that will be a new pattern and will be one of my offerings at Lemon Poppy Seeds soon!

Got to run ~ a little more housework calls before bedtime!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Sunday, October 26, 2008

~*Affair of the Heart*~

Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting with some great folks while helping out my favorite store here in Oklahoma. "Country Collections by Hart" had a booth at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds. Twice a year for many years now a group of women that call their business "An Affair of the Heart" puts on a huge show featuring crafts, candles, furniture, antiques and so much more. It's in so many different buildings that I've lost count.

The Country Collections booth features patterns for primitive rug hooking, needle punch, quilting, painting, embroidery, and applique. They also offer wonderful candles, fabric, hand~dyed wools, and so much more.

Sandra and Pati are two of the teachers. They are talented in so many different areas. They teach rug hooking, quilting, and wool applique.

Karoyl teaches quilting, painting, and embroidery. Karen (standing) along with her mom Vonda are the owners of Country Collections. Vonda stayed at the shop on Friday and Saturday and worked at the store.

(l-r) Karoyl, Me, Sandra, Karen, Pati

We had a fun day visiting with folks and showing demo's of rug hooking, needle punch, embroidery, and piecing. It's always fun when you can spend time with friends who enjoy the same love of crafting that you do!

Hope each of you enjoyed your weekend as well.

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Friday, October 24, 2008

October Days are Going Fast!

It's been chilly the last few mornings and I've put aside my fall colors of needle work and been working on some things for Christmas. I just finished needle punching these lil' guys and now they are in need of some britches as well as some boots.

I'm still working on getting ready for a huge fall gathering at our home planned for Sunday evening on November 2nd. Can you believe next weekend is NOVEMBER!!!!
Our church always has a fall dinner and auction along with games, hayrides, and a campfire. We have had it at our home several times and it is a lot of work but it is so much fun in the end. Looks like this weekend is sure to be a working one!

Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Trails......Ginger

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~*Chilly Autumn Days*~

It is beginning to cool down here on the plains of Oklahoma. Tomorrow is suppose to be really chilly with a cold front coming in. Actually I look forward to cool temperatures. I always enjoy a cup of cider or hot chocolate and some time spent with some sort of needle or hook in my hands.
Today I hooked this quick pillow. It's a pattern I bought while in Fredericksburg, Texas and was done on dyed linen. That's what I like...simple, quick and easy!

I had my little helper today and we did go outside and see the scarecrows and the cows before the colder days come and we have to stay inside more.

This boy is sure to be a farmer as much as he enjoys those cows!

What an honor...Terry of Cider Moon Cottage selected me for this award. With so many wonderful blogs out there it is truly a sweet honor. Thank you Terry!
Now I'm suppose to pass this award along to 6 others...believe me it's hard to pick just 6 but here goes!
Kathy at Rugs of Mine in Time
Sherry at From Sherry's Heart
Rondell at Tomatoe Creek Prims
Vicki at Hog Scald Hollar
Betty at Primitivebetty's
Julie at Plum Run Creek

Now I've got to go busy and let everyone know and get back to some unfinished projects!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Good to Be Home!

We have settled back into our home life once again and I must say I am ever so Thankful to be home. I love coming home!
I was in what seemed desperate need to create something so I punched up this little Turkey Rug. It turned out so prim and I just love it. You can find it over on eBay if you want to check it out..... NYAFARMGIRL

I've been playing catch up with the Lemon Poppy Seed Shop as well. Jenn did the olde fashion rose pinkeep and I made the lil' sheep pinkeep. Hopefully we can start concentrating on a little bit of Christmas it will be here before you know it!

Of course Sloan was on the top of my list of must do's! We went and picked him up last night and he spent the night with us. Today we had to make a trip down to the front pastures to see the cows. He recognizes cows everywhere we go now. He even saw a big picture of one in Wal~Mart over the dairy section and he started pointing and saying MOO! Just too cute. He loves to get in this rocker that once belonged to his Daddy when he was little. I find myself telling him to sit most of the day. Boys will be boys!

Tonight I enjoyed a beautiful sunset as Danny was out hauling hay. It is so good to be home!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Friday, October 17, 2008

~*Who is Mother Goose*~

Our last day in Boston...we strolled through a few old cemeteries. Now there is some question as to if this is the true "Mother Goose", I googled it and it's quite interesting. Seems this grandmother liked to annoy the neighbors with rhymes and songs while telling them loudly to her grandchildren.

These graves were dated in the 1600's and the angels were quite interesting. Some were quite eerie while others were more angelic.

We took a short cruise through the Boston harbor and it turned out to be quite a chilly day.

These young men are from Yale and entertained everyone with some of their musical talents.

Tomorrow we leave for home and I am truly ready. I miss the country life and as I've said before "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME."

Happy Trails....Ginger

Thursday, October 16, 2008

~A Walk Through Boston~

We've made it to Boston and if you like history this is the place to be. Boston's first public market, Faneuil Hall adjacent to the site where Quincy market now stands was built in 1792.....and that's where we ate this evening! You will find food of every kind. Boston creme puffs, Chinese, Mexican, hot dogs, pizza, clam name it!
I think we will be back there tomorrow to sample yet some more wonderful foods.

Today we toured the USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" it is the oldest commissioned warship still afloat in the world. It was first launched at a shipyard in Boston's north end in 1797. They are doing some work on the sails of the ship and had those down for now.
Inside you can see the guns used so long ago. The sound would have been deafening to those on board. It was told that little boys of 8 years old and older were used as "Powder Monkeys" on board. They would run up and down the stairwells gathering powder and 35 pound balls for ammo. Food on board consisted of fish or beef stew with hard biscuits. Water was limited to 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per person a day. They would also be given an allotment of rum each day. With the water they could drink it or bathe. For the most part they just drank it.

Below was the place where the crew slept. Only half of the crew would sleep for 4 hours at a time. There would be from 220 to 250 at once sleeping side by side in the swinging hammocks.

Next we visited the Boston Commons a central public park with about 50 acres. Dates from 1634 and is the oldest city park in the USA.

The Central Burying Grounds is located on the Boston Commons. There you will see graves of British Common Soldiers who died in combat or of disease during the revolution. Foreigners and American patriots from the Battle of Bunkers Hill and the Boston Tea Party are also buried there. In the wall of this hill above the metal doors are names of people as well as many tombstones on the hill.

Statues are scattered throughout the park. This one is of a man working.

A very large fountain found in the Boston Commons. People sit and read or just watch as people go by.

Just at the top of the hill of the Boston Commons is the Shaw Memorial. Made by Augustus Saint Gaudens and placed there on May 31st, 1897. It shows Colonel Shaw riding his horse in uniform with his soldiers carrying rifles, packs, and canteens and led by young drummer boys. Above them is an angel holding an olive branch, symbolizing peace and poppies symbolizing death. The expression on the soldiers is one of solidarity.

Across from the Boston Commons....The Massachusetts State House built in 1798. It sits on top of Beacon Hill. The land was once owned by John Hancock. The original wood dome leaked and was covered with copper in 1802 by Paul Revere's company.

Now for some of Boston's finest!

Tomorrow we'll head back into old downtown Boston for a bit more sightseeing and some of that wonderful food.
I must say I'm missing all of my family back home and look forward to returning home on Saturday. Until then.....

Happy Trails.....Ginger

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~*Cape Cod*~

Today we spent in South Yarmouth at Cape Cod. It is a very quiet time of year here. Many of the shops are shut down for the season and the beaches are very quiet. Just a few folks out taking a stroll.

It was an overcast and cool day but it felt so good to be outside just walking.

We did walk along a fishing dock where we saw a couple of men fishing and of course a few birds looking for some supper. It was a very quiet day visiting a few antique shops. We saw lots of neat things but didn't find any treasures to bring home.

We went to a local restaurant that served seafood and had to try these onion rings. There was way too much for the both of us but they sure were good.

Tomorrow we head for Boston for a few days to see some history and then on Saturday we head for home. I'm just about ready for the quiet farmhouse I call home!

Happy Trails....Ginger

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

~At Last A Day At The Beach~

At last I got to spend a day at the ocean. I've been lucky enough in my lifetime to see the Pacific as well as the Atlantic but have never spent more than a few minutes there until today.
We left Concord, NH today and did a bit of looking at antique shops. I saw some wonderful hand hooked rugs which I have shown below. Some were made as early as the late 1800's and also a great penny rug made in the 1800's.

We started out for Portsmouth, NH but actually went on up the coast a bit to Maine and what fun we had.

Just look at the wonderful lighthouse we found. Built in 1879, Cape Neddick is the southernmost of Maine's many lighthouses. It is also called Nubble Light, refering to the barran rocky island (the Nubble) on which it sits, just off shore. The 41 foot tower is constructed of cast iron plates lined with brick. Cape Neddick's fourth-order lens flashes red every six seconds, and is visible for 13 miles.

Cape Neddick is an extremely windy point, and viciously cold 100 mph winds caused problems with the flow of oil to the lamp for many years, until electricity came to the Nubble in 1938.

We drove up the coast just a ways to a place called Ogunquit Beach. There you can see the waves come crashing into the granite rocks and walk along the nicest beaches. Houses built near the shoreline were all along the pathways. One young man was brave enough to try out the water.

We then ate dockside at a little restaurant. Danny had clam chowder and I tried the fish and chips. MMMMhhh wonderfully good!
Here are just a few of the many hooked rugs and the large penny rug we saw today.

Tomorrow is sure to be another wonderful day but I'm missing my family and can't wait to see Sloan again!

Happy Trails.....Ginger