Friday, March 16, 2012

Pistachio Cake.....It's Green and Delicious!

I've been into the watercolors once again! Made a watercolor pistachio cake and while I was at it baked one, too. Some of the rug hooking gals are coming over tomorrow for a day of pulling loops so we can enjoy some cake for dessert!

Feel free to right click and print the recipe.

Someone asked about the rugs in the post below. All of the designs are by Sally Kallin of Pine Island Primitives. She sells the patterns on her website.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patricks Day.

Happy Trails......Ginger


Doris said...

I've made that several yrs ago and it waas delicious!! Could use a slice right now!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sounds yummy. I'll have to try that!
Hugs :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

This sounds so good! I don't recall using soda in my old recipe, and haven't been making cakes much in the last few years. Guess I might substitue some coconut for the pecans as miss monkey britches can't tolerate nuts, but loves coconut!

Wishin I lived just down the road, although I wouldn't care for your winter, truth be told. Jonut