Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just Another Day On The Farm

I baked two dozen cookies this morning and this is all that is left after lunch. We have some men over working on putting electric in Danny's shop and I've been cooking big lunches the last couple of days for everyone.

My lil' guy is not quite up to par today. In his words "I'm not feeling much better" seems like allergies or a summer cold has worn him down a little.

It has been way too hot and with trying to dig a ditch from the house over to the shop it's been a long afternoon for lil' Dan and one of the electricians. I've been trying to keep them hydrated with lots of ice water, cool towels, and sharing some of Sloan's popsicles.

Yesterday Papa helped a lil' boy practice his driving skills...before you know it he will be driving a tractor.

A little sidewalk art of sea creatures of course...

Almost everyday before he goes home he has to make sure his "chiggers" are doing okay and they have plenty of food and water.

Hope your staying cool and hydrated on this hot summer day.

Happy Trails....Ginger


Unknown said...

I want one of those cookies.
Ask Sloan if it is OK.
Hope he is feeling OK.

moosecraft said...

Life on the farm looks pretty good to me! I really like that last pic of Sloan petting his "chigger"! I did not know they stood still long enough to be petted? LOL!