Friday, February 14, 2020

Where Has The Time Gone.....

Seasons come and go and it's been quite a long time since I have visited this blog.  It involves turning on the computer and it's not something I do very often.  The ease of posting with a phone has changed things and I do miss the days of blogging.  I started this blog way back when Sloan was just a little fella and now he is in middle school and like all good things he is growing up to be a young man and the lil' girls are growing up as well.  

We had a little snow a few weeks ago and the barn looked pretty with a bit of snow falling.  We continue to have classes and workshops and our store is open more often.  We have wool flowing over and we are always looking for more room to hang new patterns and places to put kits.

We have started our own block of the month featuring little wool appliques!  Pati Jane and I have designed them and we have enjoyed them so much.  

We are no longer doing over night retreats so we are remodeling......changes are often for the best.  It has given us so much more room for an addition to add more merchandise and a workroom for us to do store more wool.   

We have make it take it classes and also, have teachers coming in throughout the year!

Just a few of the patterns we carry......

We carry a large selection of threads!

A few more of the patterns!

One of the classes is a Barn Quilt......

Don't you love the hummingbird!!!!

Another beauty 

Lots of simple designs

I sorta have an addiction to applique

#13 is Sloan he was just a lil' toddler when I started this blog.   He absolutely loves sports....He has grown taller than me and he just loves that!

Eva Mae is now in the 2nd grade and is at the top of her class.  She loves reading and crafts.  She is learning to knit and sew on a sewing machine.  Plus she is taking karate.  

Miss Betty Rae keeps us quite entertained.....she is in kindergarten and learning to read.  She is my helper when it comes to feeding the goats and chickens.  She just might be a farmgal one day!  

We have been so very blessed to have our grandkiddos live so close!  It's been such fun watching them as they grow up.

Last year we lost Miss Annie she went with me to Silver Dollar City to vend for 3 years.  She was one of the most sweetest and loveliest lady I believe I have had the honor to know.  She will forever be missed but not forgotten.  We had such a wonderful time together.

And always on my heart.....miss my daddy so much.  

Thanks for stopping by it's been way to long.  I'll try to come back again soon.  

Happy Trails......Ginger

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