Thursday, October 3, 2013

Threading A Needle Punch

While at Silver Dollar City I demonstrated needle punch and for a lot of folks it was brand spanking new!  So I will be adding some simple little videos on needle punch, oxford punch and rug hooking in the next few weeks.

For those new at punch needle I hope this helps :)  Also, if you are wondering about what is on my punch needle I made a little cushion of coflex tape it works great as a pencil type grip for my punch needle!

Happy Trails.....Ginger


Trace4J said...

You have a wonderful peaceful voice.
I can't wait to follow along and learn.
Hope to find a kit this weekend while I am away.
Thank you friend.
Happy Fall

Farm Girl said...

I always enjoy your videos so much. I never ever thought about using the threader to thread the needle. You are so smart.
I have a project I am working on and I spend more time pulling out my hair than punching because it takes me so long to do the thread back through the needle. This helps so much, Thank you,

My Colonial Home said...

Thanks for the tut Ginger.
I took my needle punch project with me last week when we went up north and when I went to do it...I TOTALLY FORGOT HOW TO THREAD THE NEEDLE - and my instructions were at home and they don't have internet up there!
Now I know how thank you.

Maria said...

Good tutorial Ginger! Maria