Thursday, December 1, 2011

One More Trip

What a wonderful day Sloan and I had yesterday....yes it's after midnight here in Oklahoma. We made one last trip to the zoo for the year. The weather was wonderful a little cool but not windy just a perfect day.
He loves feeding the Leerakets and they love the nectar.

We decided this guy sure looks sad setting inside. He must be awful bored. Do you see the little bald patch on Sloan. His mom said he got ahold of her brother's clippers and gave himself a haircut! Oh well it will grow back!

Been pulling loops again. Hope you have found some time this week to do something you enjoy!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Kim said...

LOL I think every kid has given themselves a hair cut once in their life. My cousin's daughter did hers the morning she was to be a flower girl at a wedding. Very funny wedding pictures.
Glad you both had fun at the zoo.

WoolenSails said...

I always loved taking the kids to the zoo, getting too cold here to walk around outside.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahh, yeah - the old haircut thing...My son did it on a Good Friday morning....I gasped out loud when I saw him in the pew when I met him and my mom at church. Hmmmm... I never had the inclination... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And you're right - that guy does look sad....) :o(