Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dirty Santa The Game....

Several have asked what is "Dirty Santa"....well I've been playing it for years. Our little rug hooking group decided we would play at our Christmas party.
We had decided to each hook, stitch, punch, or create whatever we chose as a handmade gift. Each person wraps it up with no name attached.

We had 10 people at our party and 10 gifts. Each person draws a number out of the basket from 1 to 10. One goes first and picks a gift to unwrap. Number 2 has the option of "stealing" #1's gift or opening one. Then the person with #3 can "steal" #1's or #2's gift or open one. Once the gift has been stolen twice it belongs to the 3rd person to be holding it. Since #1 person didn't get an option to "steal" they get to as the very last person if they choose to do so.

"Stealing"....such a bad word!

I whole~heartedly admit I'M A THIEF....I stole this wonderful hooked rug. Pati is requesting that it should have been her's and I admit it should I'll just hook her one and Sandra wants one too. Our good friend Ann made this one and I just love it!

We play Dirty Santa at our church Christmas dinner, too. Loads of fun maybe you can find a group that would like to play!

I made the stocking that Kay is holding. It was filled with greenery and wool.

My good friend Sandra dyed these gorgeous wools and gave them to me....I don't know if I can cut them up they look so good.

Sloan is back and he is worn out. He is snoozing as I type. I have a small tree for him to decorate but it may have to wait until the weekend. He is coming over to stay this weekend and we have popcorn parties, a birthday party for my niece and daughter and a movie date planned....guess he better rest while he can!

Happy Trails....Ginger


jennifer768 said...

Dirty Santa sounds like a lot of fun! Love the stocking you made ,you are so talented.Have a great weekend,Jen

cucki said...

hello dear, what great rug,,it is so sweet and so special..
i love all the other gifts too..
yup..those dyed wool is so sweet to cut them up..very sweet colors..
the stocking you made is so lovely too..everything is so beautiful..
so glad that you all had a lovely fun time..
hugs cucki x

TheCrankyCrow said...

I used to do a modified version of that game with my staff at work. It truly was a lot of fun. Looks like your group plays with some really great gifts! Love your hooker sign! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead - hope you enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

primitivebettys said...

We are playing a similar game at Christmas this year. I'm looking forward to it! Fun!! You rug gift & stocking are wonderful. Have a fun weekend with Sloan. :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dirty Santa sounds like great fun!
I hope you and Sloan have a great weekend. Grandson Jake and I have a date Saturday, too :)
Hugs :)

Jan said...

Ouuuu.... I know the feeling. you get this awesome stack of beautiful colored wools and you just can't bear to cut into them. I guess thats what comes from being a lover of fibers and wools. My friends are constantly on the lookout for wools that I can recycle and sometimes they bring me these awesome long coats and gorgeous skirts that I hate the fact that I am going to cut them up when someone is out there running around with out a jacket. . So... what I have forced myself to do is just take my shears and make a cut that can't be fixed. then it isn't so difficult.
I love your blog, and I will be back again soon. Hugs and Blessings, Jan

Jennifer said...

GORGEOUS wools! Just love them!