Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Will Work For Food!

Aren't they's the clean up crew and we are going to have more coming to stay real soon. Danny bought 5 little nannies and 2 Jenny's. We haven't had donkeys before but one will be to stay with some of our cows and calves and one will be with the goats.

Soon as they were unloaded they put their heads down and went to work eating away at the brush. That's what I call willing to work for food!

We are going to have to get several more to get the job done and they sure are fun to watch especially when they start having little ones.

Happy Trails...Ginger


Deirdre said...

Ginger ~

What a great husband to buy goats and donkeys!!! I know they will work up a storm for you and give you lots of joy!!

Miz T. said... lawnmowers! I hope you post pictures when they have little ones in the future. Why will one be with the cows and one with the goats. Don't they get along?

primitivebettys said...

How fun! Trinity told me to tell ya they look wicked cool (that is a good thing to him) :)

Christine said...

Awwwe so cute! Hey...I'll eat for food too!