Monday, July 21, 2008

~* Separating Floss for 3 Strand Needle Punch the Fast and Easy Way! *~

Do you needle punch using 3 strands of floss and dislike the time it takes to separate the threads? Plus, if you cut the thread in small lengths you are forever threading your needle.
Well...I have tried many different methods for undoing an entire skein of floss. I have separated out one strand at a time and draped it over the furniture as I went. Recently while at the office I was needle punching up some things that required 3 strands of floss and I was tying the strands to a filing cabinet and separating it across the room holding 3 strands in each hand but what a twist it created at the end.
My Dad just happened to come by and I knew more than likely he had his fishing stuff in his truck so I asked if he had a swivel. EUREKA!

Below is what I find the quickest and easiest method for separating an entire skein of floss.
You will need a swivel, scissors, floss, and something to put your floss on once it's separated. I like wood spools.
If you want to try this but are not sure how it will go don't start with an entire skein just pull out what you think you will be comfortable with and give it a try!

You only need one swivel and it doesn't have to have a clip on the end but this is what I had at home. Believe me I left that fishing swivel at work...never know when it will come in handy again!

Now tie a piece of floss or string on one end of the swivel...make it long enough to go over your door knob.

Now start pulling out the floss...just make sure you don't have any knots.

It is now all pulled out.

Now tie one end of the floss onto the other end of the swivel.

Just hook the string side over the door knob and begin making your way across the room with the other end of the floss.

Once you have made your way across the room divide the floss into two sections of 3 strands.

Slowly pull it apart a little ways.

Now you need to have it pulled tight.

You will slowly work the floss apart as you are making your way to the door knob. I just use my body to keep the thread on each side as a walk along. Don't go to fast the swivel needs time to work.

Tighten again as you make your way across the room. I'm getting closer...sorry about the blurry photo. I was taking a picture with one hand while I was doing this...

Okay I'm within about 3 feet of the door and the twist is getting a little tight.

So I just reach over and take the swivel off the door knob and let it dangle below. The twist is working itself out.

Now that it is all separated I lay the swivel on the table.

Next grab your scissors.

Just cut the floss off the swivel.

You don't waste too much!

Actually I save snips of strings and stuff them in some of my goodies...waste not ~ want not!

Now I just wind the floss onto little wooden spools.

Now I have a full skein of floss separated into 3 strands ready to go!

Thanks to Dad for stopping by with his fishing stuff. I bet he never knew it would come in handy for needle punch!

Happy Trails....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

Ginger! You are just FULL of wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing... again! :)


simple~needs said...

great tip!!! thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I always have such trouble with this! Thanks! Jennifer

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Isn't that clever? I think we could conquer the world with the contents of a well stocked tackle box! LOL


Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Thank you so much my friend forever . . . Now I new to find some small empty wood spools. Any suggestions? GREAT TIP! Doin' a 'happy dance' too, Barb