Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Perfect Spot for a Swimmin' Hole

Danny is always busy thinking of ways to make our property a little better. Our daughter has commented often...."Dad's hobby is work" and it's true! Thing is he usually has someone around here roped into helping him.

He has decided that we need more ponds on a couple of the places we have cattle on so he got in touch with the National Resource Conservation Service and they help farmers with agricultral needs. So began one of the ponds....

Yesterday when we got home from work I was out watering the garden and he wanted me to come along in the truck and have a little look~see at the pond. Now I don't like rollercoaster rides and believe me he thinks he can drive a truck anywhere. About the time we got to the tree line the man that is doing the dozer work showed up...His dozer had broke down and was returning with some parts. He said the dam was good to drive over so I said "You go first!" As Danny is making his way to the dam we start to slide down the bank in the truck...Of course at this point I'm hollering LET ME OUT NOW...he just laughs and puts it in 4 wheel drive and climbs right back up and onto the dam. Soon as that truck stopped I was out in a heartbeat.

So today I decided to take a walk over and show you our new swimmin' hole or better yet Fishin' hole...of course the cows can come have a drink!

Once you take few steps past the tree line the rollercoaster ride begins...

Now to just climb another hill....Don't you just love Oklahoma's famous red dirt!

The big tree over by the trackhoe and dozer will be just perfect for a rope for those brave enough to take a swing!

Right about here is where Danny got to have a lil' fun sliding down the bank.

I'm standing on top of the dam and it is a long ways to the bottom! Within a few days the pond should be finished and then we will have to wait for lots of rain to fill it up.

Now I got to go climb another hill and head for the house!

Our neighbor that lives across the way has one of those kite planes and has been overhead seeing our progress.
We have had a busy day today. We went to the cafe for breakfast which I haven't done in years and then the little town we live close to had an estate auction. It was fun just watching folks as they bid on goodies and yes I bought a few items.
Once we returned home I hurried and mowed the yard and made my way to the garden and look what I found. I have never planted cantelope...I'm more of a watermelon person but Danny likes it so I planted some and now they are popping up all over.

This one was the first ripe one and I just had to weigh it. I think it's big it weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

Well it didn't take long....Danny taste tested it and gave the thumbs up!
Next year I'll have to give watermelons a try.

Happy Trails...Ginger

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Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I just love your property, Ginger. I like things left natural and unspoiled ~ and how you're creating the pond within the natural landscape. Will you stock your pond?

What a cantalope! I've never had one right out of the garden. I can only imagine how scrumptious is was.