Monday, July 7, 2008

Needle Punch and Farm Life

I've been going through a needle punching frenzy! This is just a portion of pieces I have done over the past week. Now to just finish up...oh what should I make them into????
The flowers in the folgers can was a special order. I need to finish two more pieces and then they will be on their way to their new home!

These two pieces will be listed on eBay Monday morning.

Within a few days I should have more completed. I'm already in the mood for fall. So the pumpkins are becoming plentiful in my little sewing room. I actually have planted several rows of pumpkins in our garden ranging from the tiny little ones to the ones that grow to several hundred pounds...we shall see if they grow. If not I guess my needle punched ones will have to do!

We have finished the hay cutting at our homestead...but are working on our nearby land just a few miles down the road. Danny and my dad finished the cutting yesterday and Lil' Dan started the raking late this evening. Tomorrow I plan to climb on the little blue tractor and do some raking myself. Dad taught me how so... hopefully I can help out some while the guys are at work tomorrow.
I stopped by yesterday to give Danny a few to keep him happy so he can keep on working!

Fresh mowed hay smells oh so good...but the buzzards flying high above are busy looking for little field mice, rabbits, and snakes. There was about 20 or so diving into the hay patch looking for a snack! I don't know what I dislike more...snakes or buzzards!

Late this evening was a time for some repairs on the tractor. The air conditioning has went out so the plans are to have it going strong in time for baling the hay tomorrow! The little blue tractor doesn't have a cab so I'm hoping for a good ol' country breeze...

Happy Trails....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

Awesome punches.... as always my friend! You have me thinking of Fall now too!


Pam said...

Your needle punch "fall punches" are so cute---especially the cat with the pumpkin in front of him. So enjoy reading your blog. Dyed a little floss the other day---I'm still so amazed at how you do so much at one time.
Pam ~ ihook2

kornkribprimitives said...


Your needlepunch creations are just beautiful. It amazes me how fast you make them.

I so enjoy pics of your farm as well. There is just something that is warm and down to earth about farming. It's hard to describe. I know it's hard work but it's a blessing!