Sunday, September 28, 2008


Another beautiful day and I can truly say that when we gather together as a church family it does my soul good.
My mom's older brother and his wife started a little country church in 1981. They are no longer here on earth as well as some of our other members. I thought of them this evening as we gathered under our new pavilion and fellow shipped together. They would have been happy to see how much we have grown and would have been pleased as we enjoyed singing, playing, and visiting with one another.

The children enjoyed many games of volleyball, tether ball, horseshoes and much more.

While the kids were enjoying their games....Danny and I were busy cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, smoked sausages, and bratwurst. Before long the food was cooked and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together.

Next came the entertainment. My niece Mandy is just learning how to play the piano. Her older sister Erin is teaching her.

We not only had gospel but we had a little bluegrass, too. Erin can play the piano like a pro and I could listen to her play for hours.

Some of the girls sang ....I'll fly away, Down to the River to Pray, and many more.

This lil' boy was accompanied by his Daddy as he sang Amazing Grace. If that doesn't warm your heart.....

Doesn't my Mom look cool in her shades!

Beautiful flute music from this young lady filled the air.

My sis Jane with her hubby Brian. He is an officer with the Highway Patrol. He found a little time to stop by and enjoy some food and see his girls play the piano and join in on the singing.

My sister Sherry with her two children.

The clean up crew! Three of these guys are my cousins. They are talented musicians. They can play guitars, banjo's, fiddles, and the piano.

Soon we will have another church social and it's sure to be just as fun. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and were blessed in some special way. I know I have been!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Kathy (woolfind) said...

You certainly have been blessed! Look at that family and the talent they've been given. How wonderful that all of you were together to enjoy the day. What more could you ask for? How sweet of the little one to sing Amazing Grace. Very heartwarming indeed! My Sunday was very productivly spent with my family. Was even thinking when I laid my head down last night, what a wonderful day it was.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like a very fun day of food and fellowship. My days are always blessed. God is good!

primitivebettys said...

It does look like a fun time! Everyone looks so happy. What a super way to celebrate faith & family!

:) Betty