Thursday, September 18, 2008


I'll be packing up for a few days and heading out to Texas Friday morning with my Dad. He grew up near San Saba it's several hours southwest of Dallas. He will be going to a HS reunion and then we will visit 2 of his brothers and maybe his sister.

His youngest brother lives down by a river and my Dad plans to do some fishing. Our son went with Dad a couple of years ago....They were having a great time until my Uncle Bill fell and broke his leg. Now folks this is out in the sticks and he was down a hillside. Cell phones don't work too well, Dan said he had to climb a tree about 30 ft high to get reception.

So what do they do...why grab a cot and put Uncle Bill on there and commence to pullin' and pushin' Bill up to the truck. My Dad is not a big fella and Dan isn't either but Uncle Bill on the other hand is a good sized man! So they had to work real hard to get him up that hill. Once they made it up to the pickup they were able to load him into the back of the pickup. To stabilize his leg they found some red electrical wire and tied his legs together. Sounds like one of the might be a redneck if!

Now Uncle Bill has some neighbors of Cajun decent and it just happens that when they were driving down the dirt road that the Misses just happened to be out and what does she see but Bill tied up in a truck. She has no idea what's going on. She tells her husband somebody has Bill and they have him tied up in the back of the truck.

Well Dan and my Dad stopped after a bit and got him loaded into the backseat before they continued on to the hospital....later that evening the neighbor lady got a visit from Dan and Dad giving her the fish they had caught and the story of Bill breaking his leg. They got a big laugh out of how she thought Bill was being kidnapped!

I'll be gone for a few days and I sure don't plan to climb up no trees to use my cell phone for fear I might not get down. Dan has also warned me about the rattle snakes so I plan to be on the lookout for anything moving! Sounds like a trip that could be filled with adventure.

Now don't forget about my fall giveaway...just check the post right below this one if you want to sign up I'll be giving it away next Thursday that is if I survive the rattlers!

Happy snake free trails....Ginger


sandrasc said...

Ginger, you need to write a book on your adventures and family.;) You should have a fun and very memorable trip with your dad. It is just those kinds of times that make wonderful memories. I love reading your "blog". Just reading them and hearing the wonderful music you add has my mind tripping down a country road, to a slower time. Thanks for taking the time to write stories of your life. Also for creating such wonderful keepsakes.
sandra sc

Renna said...

Now that story had it all! Tragedy, drama, and comedy! I hope you and your dad's trip proves more sedate. ;-)