Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Early Autumn Day on the Plains of Oklahoma

How cool the wind blew across the Oklahoma plains today. Autumn is in the air I can surely feel it. This evening I went for a walk across the pastures that are still so green for September. Most summer's it is brown by now but the green rich grasses are hanging on.

This ol' moma cow always keeps her eye out for me. She is always checking to see what I'm doing walking around in her pasture. I think she must be enjoying the cool weather, too!

Wild sunflowers continue to creep up across the pasture....simple beauty that needs no tendin'....

Can't you imagine so long ago a little prairie wife taking a walk across the field perhaps to give her husband a noon meal as he is harvesting the crops before winter days settle in and on her walk home she stops to pick a few wildflowers to brighten her little sod house. Little is much when God is in it!

With the close of another day here at our little farm I have reflected back through my days of childhood knowing that I have been loved and that I have loved.
Take time to cherish the simple things in life.

Happy Trails to You until we meet again.....Ginger


Dianne said...

Ginger, thank you for the walk--it was food for the soul. Wish I had a way to block out the traffic and hubbub like that. Anyway-enjoyed it.

katie said...

What beautiful sentiments.Living close to nature and seeing Gods hand each day is a blessing.