Monday, September 29, 2008

How to Over~dye cotton yarn for Oxford Punch Needle

I've been trying out my oxford punch needle and purchased some "Sugar & Cream" cotton yarn. It comes in too bright of colors for my liking so out with the rit dye and my crock pot. If you like primitive you might want to give this a try!

This is what it looks like before it hit the dye pot. I just unwound some of the skein and tied some together at the top...

You will want to start heating your crockpot with water on high then just pour in some rit dye....I don't measure I just pour in about 1/4 of the bottle....I add more as I need it. I also add in just a tad bit of salt or vinegar to set the color in!

While I'm waiting for my dye pot to get good and warm...I continue getting my yarn ready and let it soak in some clean water.

When I'm ready to dye my cotton yarn I just twist it good and tight.

I then dip it down into the pot. After I dipped it in I set part of it on the edge of the rim and let a portion of the yarn stay in the dye to give it more of a variegated look.

I rinse it a couple of times in clean water then I let it dry.

Now doesn't that look nice and prim!

Here it is side by side....bright to prim! Give it a try today it is a fun and simple way to prim up your cotton yarn.

Happy Trails....Ginger


basketsnprims said...

Thanks for that little tutorial. I love how the dye muted the colors. Years & years ago I used sugar& cream for crocheting dishclothes.


primitivebettys said...

You are just totally AWESOME Mizz Ginger! :) Thanks for putting the 'how to' up! Now I'll have to run out to buy some more yarn & dye!


coinguyslady said...

Hello Ginger,
Wanted to ask if you are a redhead? I can see from you pics that your arms and hands look just like mine.Lots of "spots" as a matter-of-fact if I don't know better I would think it was me in the pictures. hehe

Sherry said...

SHOOT Ginger!!!! I talked myself OUT of buying an Oxford Punch Needle OVER 3 years ago. NOW just cause of you & seeing what your doing,you're makin' me have the itch for one AGAIN!!!!! Good thing I'm broke,that should keep the itch down a bit!!!!
You DON'T NEED something else to do Sherry!!!!!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial, I'm saving it for future use:)

nyafarmgirl said...

Yep...I've got redish brown wavy hair and lots of freckles!

Farmchick said...

wow--thanks that was pretty interesting!!!


Sandy said...

I have never tried this before but it looks like lots of fun. Another craft project that I may have to pick up...hehe

I wanted to let you know that I received my winnings today :)
I can't say thank you enough!!!!
Everything is so wonderful...I am even trying to melting tarts tonight. They smell so wonderful!
Thanks again...


A Primitive Piece of Mine said...

Hi...I love your pictures!!! I almost felt like I was right there beside you! I love to dye too...I dye lots of wool for hooking and making the right colour of fabrics for my santas and hair for my raggedies...I buy a lot of fabrics at the thrift store...but way to bright! My neighbours think I'm nuts...but oh floss, I never thought of that...a new idea, gotta love it!! Thanks! Cathryn

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