Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sitting Room

Every evening I spend time in this room!   I'm not much on sitting still for very long but put a needle of any sort in my hand and I can sit for awhile.  I love the feeling of making something with my hands.  Even doodling while on the phone at work fills up the pages where call backs for Danny to make fill in around their names.  Needless to say I have to make him a list if I can decipher what I wrote to begin with.
This week will bring warmer temps possibly up to the high 60's and then they are calling for rains and icy cold conditions later in the weekend!  Snow.....then sunny warm days,....then icy cold winds with possible freezing!  Makes for Oklahoma winters and lots of people with coughs and colds!
We are hosting lots of different retreats in the upcoming months so if you want to see all the updates follow me on facebook PrairieMoonPrimitives

Well,  time to find that comfy chair and get to stitching!  Hoping your enjoying some time spent doing what you love.

Happy Trails......Ginger



Three Sheep Studio said...

Your sitting room looks comfy, Ginger. I call my stitching area, my nest. Everything I could need - all around me ! Lol

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, cozy room, happy stitching,Francine.