Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Little Old Lady

This little birdie sets on top of a jar!  I've been trying out applique's on lots of different things.
Jars filled with buttons, jelly beans, threads, snippets....lots of jars holding lots of things!

A simple little needle book to hold some of my favorite needles....chenille, straw, millners, embroidery, quilting....lots of needles!
I like little things.....little needles, little scissors, little scraps
Each day I work on some little something
It's therapy for me!
I listen to music
or to some of my favorite Bible scholars
sometimes I even watch/listen to Andy Griffith!

I stitch when I go work in the office for Danny..... that is in between phone calls and customers! 
I'm usually tagging a project along on a trip in the truck.
If we are at Home Depot I'm the little OLD lady sitting in the truck stitching away.
I've always loved making things....
I have piles and piles of handmade things!
Some I give away, some I display!
Drawers filled with hand stitched blocks, needle punched pieces, so many things.....
A lifetime of things
Makes me think of all the stacks of items found in little shops!
Handwork by little old ladies sitting in trucks waiting on little old men :)
Happy Trails.....Ginger



Saundra said...

Love all the projects but those hearts are singing to me big time. Perhaps because February is getting closer.

denise said...

Love wool applique✂

WoolenSails said...

Those are fun pieces, wool is always fun to work with.