Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pleachet Rugbee Rug Needle Retreat

Pleachet is the technique!   RugBee Rug Needle is the tool.   Laura Jane White is carrying on a family tradition created by  her Grandmother,  Laura Elizabeth Johnston.   The early 1900’s fiber art is fun, fast, and easy….no sewing involved!

Make rugs, chair pads, and trivets of any size in six easy steps.  Free your imagination and creativity and “Pleachet Away.”  Join new or recycled fabric strips with the RugBee Rug Needle and our 100% cotton carpet warp.  Our unique needle is pointed on one end for easy loading of fabric with a crochet hook on the other.  Come join us and create your own family heirlooms. 

With this retreat you receive a Pleachet Rug Needle, Pleachet Instruction Book and DVD, 100% Natural Cotton Carpet Warp, 1 yard of precut fabric.   We have options for just taking the class and going home in the evening or come stay at our retreat center and enjoy working late into the evenings and enjoy our comfortable retreat center.   Meals are provided and prices will vary on the option you choose.
I met Laura while I was vending at Silver Dollar City and she was another craftsperson demonstrating and vending there as well.  Her technique of Pleachet was created by her Grandmother and she is working hard to keep this beautiful way of making rugs, chairpads, etc passed on to many others.  We will be hosting a retreat here at Prairie Moon Primitives and Retreats April 7th-8th.   If you are interested in attending or getting more information just contact me at or visit my website at
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That is so neat that she is keeping her grandmother's art alive... Looks like a great craft.... As for me, I'd just like to get back to some of the ones that I have left hanging.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin