Thursday, January 19, 2017

Little Quilts

I like little mini quilts and I have been making lots of samples for the shop.  This is a pattern by All Through The Night and I decided instead of making it into 6 different pieces I would combine them into a little quilt.  It was a fun one and was put together very quickly. 

I have lots and lots of jars of buttons.  I like the look of them in the old canning jars.  Eva likes buttons, too.  I suppose most little girls like playing with buttons and beads.  Maybe she will enjoy doing little sewing projects...guess I better sharpen up my skills on left handed embroidery as she is a little lefty!
The little girls love coming in the craft room and exploring!  Buttons, beads, threads, crayons, paper, scissors, doo-dads.....who am I kidding I like coming in the craft room, too!
Happy Trails.....Ginger

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Bev said...

Loved reading your blog today! Your needle work is beautiful. Have a blessed New Year!