Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Little Girls Need Dolly Blankets

The little grandgirls love their dolls, pretend cooking, games, and throwing balls to PaPa.  Betty loves to wrap up babies in blankets and she needs one smaller for her little babies.
So out came the crayons and I must admit I haven't colored on cloth in years.  But those poor little dolls need some bright colored blankets!

So with some crème colored muslin and a few crayons we are getting to work on making some bright little blankets.

Once it's all colored you just need to press it with a hot iron with a paper towel over the crayons to heat set the color in.

Next, grab your favorite floss or thread and mine just happens to Valdani black and add some of your favorite stitches.....it's like doodling on cloth with a needle and thread!
Easy enough even a kiddo could have fun making their own little projects!
Happy Trails......Ginger


dee said...

Ginger, I have never seen this done before!!! What a wonderful project for little ones; I love it... Blessings, Dee

Farm Girl said...

You are so creative! What lovely little blankets for babies. I am sure my little girls would love something like this. Thanks for the idea Ginger.

okienurse said...

Best! Grandma! Ever! It has been such a long, long, long time since I have seen or heard of this! I remember my great grandmother giving me a piece of flour sack and a box of crayons and telling me to make something... I am sure it ended up in something she was making with the flour sacks cause she always was making lap blankets, quilts etc. Thanks for bringing back a good memory!

WoolenSails said...

That looks like fun and great with the kids.