Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waiting On Autumn

Don't you just love this hooked rug that was designed by Buttermilk Basin. I finished up hooking it a couple of days ago and will work on binding it in the next couple of days.

Then I drew up this big Jack O'Lantern and finished him up last night. Now I have him to bind so I'll be working on him, too.

Pati Jane and I will be doing a craft festival called The Loose Caboose on Saturday and I've been busy finishing up a few pieces. Sloan helped me today fill several boxes of goodies...he does love to help :)

Well back to work....

Happy Trails....Ginger


Kim said...

I just love those autumn rugs. Maybe because I have been dreaming and waiting for some autumn weather. :)

moosecraft said...

Beautiful rugs! I'm wishing you many sales at the Looes Caboose festival!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the "autumn" rug ~ pumpkin is sweet, too. You continue to amaze with with your speed ;-)
Hugs :)

Cathy said...

Go Ginger go!!! :)
Where is the Craft Festival?
Have fun:)

Jacque said...

Girl you must really hook fast..

love both of them

Farm Girl said...

I think why I love your rugs is because they are so happy and they make me happy. They are just beautiful. I hope someday I can hook as good or almost as good as you do.
They are just lovely and I really do love that Autumn rug.
Your colors are so pleasing to the eye.

Teri said...

Just beautiful as always! I don't know where you find the time.
Have a great weekend.