Friday, September 3, 2010

~*MaXinE*~ A Fun Loving Kind Of GaL!
Primitive Hooked Rug

I just love the vibrant orange and purple in this little rug. I drew Maxine up last night after an exercise class that my daughter has at the local Vocational School. Twice a week in the evenings we meet to do some aerobics and stretching and one of the ladies that attends is Maxine. She is 81 years young and she does so well in the class....I hope to be in as good of shape as she is when and if I make it to that stage in my own life. So with that said.....Here is my lil' hooked rug Maxine!

I've also got another one setting on the frame that will be Maxine's beau so stay tuned!

Well the boxes are about packed for the Loose Caboose Festival that will be held Saturday in Purcell, Oklahoma. So if you are in the area stop by....

A storm blew in overnight and dropped the temps down and the windows are open welcoming in a cool breeze. Got to love the smell of rain! Wishing each of you a safe and happy Holiday weekend.

Happy Trails....Ginger


moosecraft said...

Love the smell of rain... and wet pine trees too! We're hoping to be able to open the windows Saturday after Earl blows on by! LOL! Hugs to Maxine! What a great person to have met! :-) Her namesake rug looks cute too!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
Both Maxines are awesome. How wonderful to be 81 and going to exercise class.
Do you not sleep? Drawn up and hooked AFTER exercise. Amazing :-)
Hugs :)

primitivebettys said...

Did I read this right? You drew Maxine up last night? That would mean you stitched her that quick? How on earth do you do it girl?

She is darling!

Have a great time at the show. I just know you are going to sell out!



Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Thanks gals...yes she was drawn and hooked late last evening. The lil' mat is only 9 x 11 and when you use an 8.5 cut it goes FAST!

WoolenSails said...

Love all your new pieces, wonderful for fall.


Dog Trot Farm said...

81 and attending an evening exercise class, I take my hat off to Maxine. Ginger your creative juices must flow day and night! Earl did not amount to much here in Southern Maine, but Earl did take away the heat and humidity and in return left us with a cool southerly breeze!