Monday, December 8, 2008

Worms! Got to Love Em'

Do you ever struggle with what to create next? Sometimes I just take a break and work on something for myself. Not very often but when I'm in a creating slump I just sit and stitch, punch or hook just for me. I am so happy that all the hooking is done on this small rug. It will be mine and this weekend I hope to add the binding.

I have put the Christmas designs away until next fall and hope to have some creative juices flowing again before long. Until then I plan on finishing up a needle punch that needs to be in the mail and work on another hooked rug. I love the feel of wooly worms. I can already see that one of my scrap baskets is becoming quite full of left~over worms and perhaps soon they will become a scrappy rug.

Happy Trails....Ginger


From Sherry's Heart said...

The rug turned out GREAT Ginger!!!

Yeah I'm in a slump too. But mine is a little different. I've got all these things almost done & a pile that I want to do. My slump is trying to figure out WHAT to make that will sell on ebay,since things are slower than slow. Actually it's so slow it's like stopped!!!!!
It'll be fun for you to make some of your goodies for yourself!!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen

KKJD1 said...

Never done any rugs but maybe that can be a new thing to learn for the new year. Hope you have a great day! Blessings, karen

primitivebettys said...

This is just beautiful, Ginger! It will look lovely next to the red walls in your other photos. :)

Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Nice rug and blog....just visitin...

Hooked on Primitives said...

Ginger that is gorgeous, really love the colors and design! It is fun to make something for yourself!
I know what you mena, it is that inbetween time where you don't know if you should still make Christmas stuff or what? I am just finishing a floral too...LOL!! Warmest Wishes! Cathy