Friday, July 23, 2010

It's A LOVE ~ HATE Relationship

Confession #1 I love ice cream, pie, cake, cookies, chocolate, cobbler, brownies, cheesecake, peanut clusters, if it's considered dessert I LOVE it! Of course it loves me right back.

Confession # 2 I love Mexican food! Of Course it loves me right back.

Confession # 3 It's time to do something about Confession #1 and #2.

It's A Love ~ Hate Relationship for the desserts and mexican food but hate seeing what can happen at the scale!

Well Sloan is home from the hospital and is still battling the eye infection. It is starting to look better but he still needs some time to heal. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts for him.

Happy Trails...Ginger


moosecraft said...

OMG Ginger! I love that cartoon! I've been thinking about joining weight watchers for some time now... more specifically about 10 lbs ago! LOL! Maybe this week... sure wish it would cool down a bit though so I can at least stay outside long enough to burn up some calories! Hugs to strong Sloan! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
So happy to hear Sloan is home from the hospital and on the road to recovery!
Good luck with the weight loss. It is so hard and takes such willpower and the older we get,the harder and harder it gets!!!
Pug hugs :)

Unknown said...

Good to hear Sloan is home from the hospital.
I understand what you are talking about in the love/hate relationship.
We at the shop are trying to eat healthy, but sometimes it just doesn't taste that good.

primitivebettys said...

I can join ya with your confessions... 'cause I too LOVE 'em all!

So glad Sloan is home & healing. :)

patijane's primitives said...

So glad to hear Sloan is home. Prayers that he will heal fast and get back to playing and enjoying time with MoMo. I have the same love-hate relationship. Guess we can work on this together:))

Farm Girl said...

I am glad he is home from the hospital. I will keep praying for him. I totally agree with your pictures, I love every single thing in your pictures! I feel the same way about your cartoon of the scale.
My son made up a rhyme, " Scale, Scale on the floor, Please tell me I don't weigh more."
Good luck with what ever you come up with. I joined a 80 day challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day. I am on day 45 now, I haven't lost weight but I have lost inches.

Country Whispers said...

I know that battle all to well. Wish you luck with it!
Glad to hear that Sloan is home and on his road to recovery.

WoolenSails said...

Too funny. I love to eat too, just limited on what, so that helps, but I still eat too much and with this heat, I rather eat sandwiches.


Doris said...

mmmm wow! desserts and Mexican food, sounds wonderful
So glad Sloan is home from the hospital, hope he continues to improve. Thats tough on a little guy.