Sunday, July 11, 2010

Binding, Protesters, and Despicable Me!

Somehow I found a little time in what seemed like a very busy week to finish two more rugs. Do you find your summer days filled to the brim with things to do???? I sure do.
The first rug has been hooked for a couple of years. I purchased the pattern from Linda Spear of Dyed in the Wool while in New Hampshire about 3 years how time flies.

The angel is a pattern by Maria Barton of Star Rug Company it was such a fun little rug to make!

Now to the protesters. Sloan's chicks like to roam all over the yard and what a mess they can make....oh they are good about eating bugs but what they leave behind well let's just say it was time to confine them to one area of the yard. Today as we let them out of their summer house they did some protesting wanting to run free but I think they have plenty of room.

Well we are off with our daughter and a friend to see Despicable Me!
Hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday evening. Well gotta run I can almost smell the popcorn.....

Happy Trails....Ginger


Farm Girl said...

Wow that is a awesome chicken run!! My chickens would think they were in heaven, mine were upset because I wouldn't let them in the yard today and they were confined to their yard. I was tired of the mess too.
I do love your rugs! I agree, I am so busy this summer that I am looking forward to going back to homeschooling my kids just for a break. :)Then maybe I could sew again. :) Great pictures!

WoolenSails said...

That is a nice run, lots of room.
I have seen ones with just a small enclosure and no room to move.


Doris said...

Your rugs are really neat!! Its so nice to see chickens that have room to fun, wish all chickens were that lucky!

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Love seeing that you are still on a roll finishing up your rugs! The sheep rug has a lovely verigated yarn binding too! :) Missing U!