Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happenings down on the Farm

Don't they grow up so very fast. I so enjoy watching Sloan as he learns about this big world we live in. We go outside during the week when I have him for the day and we touch the leaves on the trees, watch the hummingbirds as they with hurried flight race from one feeder to another. He oohs and aahs at the sound of the morning birds and as late afternoon comes just before his Mom or Dad picks him up we go for a quick bicycle ride. He has quickly learned how to make the horn give it's loud squeak. Sometimes we make our way to the nearby small city that he lives in and grab a snowcone to share and head out to the lake. There we watch the Canadian geese that have made their way back for yet another year.

Lazily the geese swim watching for someone to offer them bread crumbs. They are very friendly and keep in groups as they travel across the lake area.

Just down the road someone built a little pond with a fountain. You can almost feel the coolness from the spraying water and at night it is lit brightly giving it such a wonderful glow.

I've been busily at night keeping my punch needle busy. I designed this little rug and just love the prim flowers. The little rug was made using 6 strand of floss and gives it a look and feel of a mini hooked rug. I wish I could hook with the wool strips as fast as the needle punch goes but I just can't seem to make that hook fly!

I also finished a really large penny rug that I designed. Depicting a simple family farm with a hit and miss penny border. For now I have it hanging in my sewing room. The stacks of pennies were done while on past weekend travels.

Also, be sure to visit the Lemon Poppy Seeds this week. Beginning July 1st...we will be having Christmas in July. Your sure to find lots of wonderful items by some very talented folks.

Happy Trails to you....Ginger

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kornkribprimitives said...

Your santa and snowmen needlepunch creations are FABULOUS!!!!!! I've wanted to learn to needlepunch for a while but now that I see the snowmen, I am determined to learn. You have inspired me!!! *~*
Thank you and God bless you and yours!