Saturday, June 14, 2008

~*Family Reunion...A Time To Remember*~

Lots of families have family reunions and once a year our family on my Mom's side gathers at a nearby Great Uncle and Aunt's House. Food is overflowing, new faces appear each year, some faces grow older each year, but as time goes by we take time to remember those that are no longer with us. This year as we gathered I couldn't help but remember Grandma. She always cooked enough to feed the entire crew...we would unload her car from front to back. She had a funny side as well. Matter of fact all of her brothers and sisters have that too. Today you could see Grandma just by looking in my Great~Aunt's eyes...they all have the same eye color. It's been six long years since she went to see Jesus! What a reunion she celebrated that day!

My Uncle and Aunt have a wonderful place. They built a home long ago that was partially underground to accommodate a very large family. A swimming pool sits up on the hill and under the shade of the trees is a playhouse for the kids. A homemade olde looking car sits out front and they enjoy giving their grand kids rides.

Family came from many states some as far away as California. My mom's brother came for a short visit and my Mom was happy to see since it's been quite awhile.

We were able to get a quick picture of all my uncles and aunts before leaving for home. It's always a good time when families take time to get together even if just for a few hours. I always come home feeling better than when I left.
Hope each of you steal away for some precious time spent with some of your family!

Happy Trails to You....Ginger

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