Thursday, May 15, 2008

~*Do You Have This Problem*~

How many projects can one person start? For me it is way too many. I think I need help! I at least finished the flower penny rug but I have two new quilts going on at once and that doesn't count the other quilts stored away. Then I guess I would have to mention all the needle punch pieces that are punched but not made into anything yet. Actually I think I have rubbed this bad habit off onto my daughter Jenny. She keeps bringing me needle punched tops with a line "I'll be back to make them into something", she has made one Halloween needle punch that I would love to have but we'll see!

Here are two redwork Santa blocks for a quilt I'm working on. Only another 10 or so to go. Dear ol' Claus gets worked on when I'm setting at Tractor Supply or Lowe's waiting on Danny. Mom actually caught me after church doing a few stitches while I was sitting in the truck waiting on Danny. Hey a gal has to stitch whenever she can find a spare minute.

I had hoped to have these finished by Christmas...I guess it all depends on how many trips we make to Tractor Supply!

Well for a few days I'm putting my stitching away. This little one is sure to keep us on our toes. Our son and daughter-in-law are on their way to Las Vegas. Sheena's youngest brother and his family live there. They are going for a surprise birthday party. Dan has never been to Vegas and I bet that it will be a sight to see.
So Sloan is ours for a few days. We have already taken a walk down to see the cows and he loved hearing them moo! He had a nice warm bath and a bottle and went down for a much needed rest.

The bottles are all washed, the supper dishes are done, and this old gal is about to call it a night. It's early for me I'm known to stay up until 2am but I think I better get some sleep myself before Sloan decides it's time to get up and play!

Happy Trails....Ginger

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primitivebettys said...

You are a stitching fool! :) I wish it would be possible to stitch WHILE driving, gardening, or sleeping!!!! LOL