Thursday, May 22, 2008

~Primitive Pinkeeps made by the Light of the Moon~

I have finally been back to doing a few stitches...Of course most are made late into the night and wee hours of the mornings. Here is a few of the pinkeeps that I have finished. I should have a large penny rug done by tomorrow and I hope to get to that big old stack of needle punch pieces begging to be finished.

We have no big plans for Memorial Day weekend just a relaxing weekend at home! Yeah right, the yard needs mowed, more weeding, and some planting in the garden just to name a few.

Our 7 1/2 month old grandson "Sloan" has been crawling for about 10 days now. He has decided that crawling isn't near enough so he has ventured into standing and with one hand. His mom found out he can also climb. He climbed up his little chair onto their couch. It looks like I better add baby proofing our home on the list for this weekend also. Hope each of you have a safe and happy weekend....

Happy Trails...Ginger

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primitivebettys said...

More super-sweet treasures...... the stitches and Sloan. ;)