Monday, April 27, 2015

Log Cabin Seasons

It's been raining so much and the temperatures have been so cool for April.  In the evenings I grab my punch needle and spend a little time punching.  I designed the Log Cabin Seasons they can be made into little mug rugs or enlarged for little mats.

I used Valdani pearl cottons size #8 for the samples.  I have listed the pattern for the Log Cabin Seasons as well as the patttern below "Little Log Cabin On The Prairie" over  at my etsy if you are interested.

Little Betty Rae is getting so big and has been walking quite a bit.  She wants to keep up with her big sister and cousin.

Eva Mae turned 3 years old on Sunday!  My goodness it is amazing how fast 3 years has gone bye.

Sloan is getting to where he has a lot of fun taking selfies and each day that I have him seems like I have new ones and videos on my phone!  Today we were at the office after he got out of school and kept himself entertained as you can see!

It is suppose to warm up later this week and I must say I am looking forward to some warmer days even if it does mean back to mowing the lawn and outside chores!  For now think I will find my punch needle and see what happens :)

Happy Trails....Ginger


Saundra said...

Adorable kids! Love those seasonal cabin mats you did. Bet you'll have good luck selling them as well as the patterns.

Cool here for April too. Thought for sure spring had sprung and no sweatshirts needed any longer, but nope, heat has come on every day. Will probably go straight to summer.


dee said...

Ginger, your babies are beautiful; I can't believe Betty is so big; it seems only yesterday she was born.

Blessings, Dee

primitivebettys said...

Your new patterns are wonderful, but these three little kiddies are just GOLD! :-)

annie said...

love your cabins!
the kids have grown, they are adorable!