Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rainy Days and Soggy Nights

It has been the craziest year with all the rain....we are certainly out of the drought.  Our ponds are running over and our yard is puddles. 

We did get a chance to get out in the fields and get some of the hay in.  Now the rains have returned and we are looking forward to sunshine!

So as we get a good SOAKING in the evenings I have been punching.  I've been using a lot of the Valdani #8 pearl cottons and will be having 3 different designer packages coming soon.

The above piece is Fraid E. Cat and the tale of 2 birds.

Then we have Mr. Gobbles a little bitty piece.

A little pumpkin headed gal that will be made into a wall pocket.

With all the rains the roses are soaking up every drop and putting on lots of blooms.

Wild blackberries are all over the pasture....I'm hoping to get out there to pick a pail full once the rains let up.

Look how big Miss Betty Rae is getting.....her favorite words are uh oh and NO.  Such a little cutie pie.

Sloan is up to something just look at that onery face!

Eva Mae borrowing Sloan's hat.  She is such a busy little gal and is growing up way too fast!

Fall pieces are beginning to come together.  I only have a couple of months and I will be back to Silver Dollar City to vend again.  The Autumn Kitty  was also punched with Valdani threads.

The little pumpkins below will be made into pins and were punched with hand dyed wool threads.

.I'll be off this weekend for a week  to Vermont.  I am going to take the teacher certification class for Oxford Punch at Amy Oxford's school.    It will be fun to take oxford punching to a new level.  

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit and hope you are enjoying your summer days.

Happy Trails.....Ginger


Saundra said...

Your punched projects are all cute. Enjoy your teacher certification and learn lots of new stuff.


Farm Girl said...

Oh how fun to get to go to that class. I have thought about it for years. So do you use your smaller Oxford punches or the blue kind? I have the hardest time with the blue one. Sorry I can't remember the name.
I prefer the Oxford punch and I have the one on heels but it isn't small enough so I wondered if you use any of those. Your punched pieces look so good.
I can't believe how big the kids are getting. It makes me feel old. When I started reading your blog Sloan was the baby.
I hope you get a break from the rain soon. I am so glad you posted. I have been wondering how you were with all of the rain.

primdollie said...

Love all the new punch needle designs and of course the super sweet pics of the children!! so cute!! I am in love with the Autumn Kitty pattern and would love to get the it if available (maybe even a kit??) hope it will be available soon?? thnx for sharing I just started following your blog a bit ago and enjoy your work!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I have all the different sizes of the oxford punch needles. They are all used for yarns and you can double and triple of the yarns if you want in some of the punches. I punch with these using monks cloth and linen for rug hooking for my background material.
I have the "blue" punch also, it is called an Ultra punch needle and is for the smaller things using embroidery floss or pearl cottons. I use weavers cloth for the ultra punch. Sure hope this helps.

Happy Trails....Ginger