Friday, May 14, 2010

Relay For Life

This evening we went to Purcell a small town near where we live....actually the place where I grew up as a kid and joined in the Relay for Life walk. It began at 7pm and runs through 7 am Saturday morning. Sorry about the blurry picture. Everything was moved indoors into the Expo Center since we have been having so much rain.
The first lap was by survivors of cancer...Cancer affects so many people and can strike the young or old, male or female. Having had many relatives with cancer and especially since my Dad has now been a survivor for 7 months it really does hit home.
My sister, daughter, husband, sister~in~law, brother~in~law, and many friends were out walking this evening. Music, dancing, and an auction were all part of the fun for the evening. We walked for almost 3 hours before coming home tonight. Our daughter will be going back to walk again throughout the night.

Hopefully one day they will find a cure for such a difficult disease until then there will always be a reason to walk for a cure.

Happy Trails....Ginger


Kathy (woolfind) said...

It's a wonderful cause. I have always said I want to be a part of it one year. Glad you went!!

patijane said...

What a lot of fun and for such a great cause! Thank you for participating!

Angie Berry said...

You are right... there will always be a reason to walk for a cure. How nice that you all were able to participate in this event.