Monday, October 13, 2008

Moose on the Loose & Dyed in Wool

Today as we traveled through Vermont into New Hampshire you would often find these signs Moose crossing. We have yet to see a moose but have seen deer. I hope to see a moose maybe not to up close and personal but since we don't have them around our neck of the woods it would be great to see just one!

Along the way we saw a big pumpkin farm that you could go out and pick your own pumpkins. They are watered by the nearby creeks and rivers.

All along the highways you see running rivers winding their ways down the mountains. They are running through the edges of towns and homes are built right at the water's edge. It is simply beautiful.

We stopped by the edge of the road to take a picture of this breathtaking scene. The mountains in the background are just breathtaking!

The colors in the picture don't really show just how brilliant the true colors are. They are so rich in color that it just looks as though someone painted a picture!

We have also seen many logging trucks.

Now for the highlight of my day. I met a very talented lady that teaches rug hooking in her home. She had hand~dyed wool in an abundant of colors. Rooms packed with treasures of hand~hooked rugs, linen, patterns, and wool from the floor to the ceiling! It was a dream come true!!!!

This is one of the many rugs she has hooked and of course before I left I had lots of treasures! Thank you Linda for the invitation to come see all your goodies.

Once we left the Silver Creek area in New Hampshire we drove along until we reached Concord, NH. Where we found a wonderful little mexican food place that was located in old downtown that once was used as the Police Station.

The original jail cells were still intact but made for interesting little rooms for dining. We didn't find ourselves within the walls of a cell but just outside the steel bars!

The Concord Police station was made in 1890 and for that period in time it was quite large.
The picture below tells a little bit about the history.

Tomorrow we plan to go back to old downtown Concord and visit some of the quaint little shops then head for Portsmouth to find Danny a little bit of that seafood he loves so much.

Happy Trails....Ginger


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,
You are visiting my old stomping grounds! I grew up in Exeter NH. (live upstate NY now) Used to go to the Mall in Portsmouth all the time. I will be going back next month to visit also. I do miss living in NH.

I agree with Danny NH has the best seafood any where! Enjoy!

Terry said...

Now, I'm really homesick. I lived on the Connecticut river side of NH, 15 min. from Vermont.
You've made me homesick with your pictures...especially the moose crossing sign, and the logging trucks.
Oh, I wish I had known about that lady with the wool when I lived there. I do penny rugs, and trying to learn rug hooking.
I miss the seafood too.
Thanks for the wonderful pictures. They brought up many memories for me.
I hope you don't mind that if I put your blog link on mine.

basketsnprims said...

Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking. We hope to visit New England down the road. thanks for sharing ~ Pam

Carrie P. said...

Beautiful scenery! WOW!!

BeFRuiTFuL said...

Oh my goodness how gorgeous are those trees!!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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