Friday, October 10, 2008

Missing All Of You Already!

It's Vacation Time!!!! The cows are enjoying more pastures and we've put out a few extra bales of hay, the shop is closed up good and tight, the bags are all packed, and I've hugged Sloan as much as I could today. As usual I always have mixed feelings about going on vacation.

Each year as the time draws near I start thinking about leaving my family behind and heading out with Danny to some place new for a few days of rest and just enjoying another part of this great country that we have yet to see.

I love going places but always have this sense of urgency about my family that's not right there beside me. By the time a week's up I'm more than ready to come home. It's crazy I know but that's how very close I am to my grown kiddo's, Dad & Mom, sisters, and of course Sloan!

It's sure to be a fun and exciting trip as we head to the beautiful New England States but a big part of my heart will still be right here in Oklahoma!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Have a wonderful time!

primitivebettys said...

Have a GREAT time! I'll miss ya! Please come back with loads of souvenir photos!!! :)

Smiles & hugs,