Saturday, August 9, 2008

~*One Step At A Time*~

It's hard to believe that Sloan is 10 months old today. It is amazing what children learn in that first year of life. The develop a character early on and from just following you with their little eyes to waking up from a nap and off to find the doors to my sewing room open with all the wonders to behold for these little hands.

Sloan is a very busy little boy and loves coming into my craftin' room. He likes to pull all the drawers open to see all those goodies. When he's a little older I'm sure he will have his own little crafting spot right along side me! He is walking more and more everyday and before long he will be very hard to keep up with....I keep telling myself it's exercise!

I have been trying to walk some late in the evenings it is just so steamy hot right now. The ponds are starting to have moss all around the edges and the bullfrogs seem to love the heat!

Today I went to my favorite store here in Oklahoma "Country Collections by Hart" lots to ooh and aah over and I taught a needle punch class today. The girls had fun and they caught on really quick to the punching. While I was there I was able to work on some of my pumpkins....I just love smilin' Jack!

I am almost finished with this little locker hook rug...It is a line drawing pattern from Kelley. She draws wonderful little patterns and can be found on eBay under kanknchester.

After a day spent away from home it was good to be back on those country roads. I do like getting away every once in a while but there is no place like home! To top off the evening I came home and Danny had the laundry going and the house all picked up! It sure is nice to come home and just set a spell.

Happy Trails to You.....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

Sloan is a cutie! Your punkin's and snowman are sweet too! It sounds like you had a very fun day... nice to come home to a wonderful hubby too. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey should write a book. You have a real talent for story writing. Have enjoyed reading about your life, your family & seeing the wonderful pictures you posted. Keep it up. It is so much fun to read your blog & listen to the great music you have on. Thanks...

Raggedy Angel said...

You do wonderful work, wish I could go to your class! I love Sloan...sooo cute. That is a great age much to learn and see!

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

What an angel! How nice that you let him explore and experience your craft.

Those pumpkins are wonderful! Wish I could have been in your class. I am struggling with my needle punch project. I think it might be my frame. But I still LOVE looking at your lovely work!