Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Two Lil' Boys

It is simply amazing how fast your children grow up. I know at times while there home and under foot it feels as though some of the days seem to just creep by. But then you look up one day and poof their graduating from school, working at a job and married.

Dan or Lil' Dan as we call him was Moma's boy. We went everywhere together when he was little. I took him on his first fishing trip and he would ooh and aah at the fish and even squeal when I let him touch it. Days spent at a local park swinging and going down the slides were always fun. Before long a little sister came into the picture and he would want up in my lap right beside her. He would hold onto my ear for some reason and just be content to be held, too.

Of course as he got older he wanted to be with his Dad learning all about hunting and working stuff. I had the privilege of teaching him how to drive...we still laugh at the first day that he got his permit and I let him drive home. He kept blowing on his hands he had sweaty palms and of course I was telling him keep both hands on the wheel. I think I gained a few gray hairs that day.

Lil' Dan is also a prankster...must take after his Mom. One day back when he was little he had a coonskin cap and he just happened to be hiding out in the laundry room. The old farmhouse we lived in had many rooms that had been added onto over the years and this old laundry room was one of them.

Dan was hiding underneath that table and I had no idea he was out there. I'm busy taking care of the mountain of laundry that I always seemed to have and all of a sudden this furry thing comes flying out at me...I was out of there doing a dance all the way. He laughed and laughed thought he was pretty funny. Like to gave me a heart attack. I fixed him good though he got a large dose of water from a squirt gun for a wake up call the next morning.

Now Sloan has a coonskin cap and I just wonder if he will be up to some mischief. Hopefully he will save it for his Momma and Daddy. I'll just be content to take him fishing.

Happy Trails....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

What a sweet story! I'll bet your house if full of laughs & grins from all the fun. Now, ya better watch Sloan... looks like his Daddy is training him already! ;)

Barbara said...

What a great story! It's amazing how fast they do grow up, isn't it?